Need Help With Scorpions?


Here is a video (of mine) on complete taming guide of SCORPIONS!! It also shows how to rename it, ride it, set it free, and how it will protect us. It just took me 15min to tame 2 scorpions. It’s very easy to tame them if you watch this video ::

Also here’s another random cool video which i uploaded recently ::

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Hope You’ll Enjoy!!



How do I tame one without getting killed?


This is really helpful! Personally I would think about a lot of this like having a pet scorpion in real life…

You take care of them, and the next day they’re like… “Who the heck are you!?” Then it goes downhill from there with pincers… :cold_sweat:

Sorta similar on here, isn’t it? Other than the fact they won’t attack you after you tame them…


The real problem with pet scorpions comes when your nice pets start having babies. The babies will start trying to kill you!


To not get killed you need armour and bunch of food