New Active Servers

Does anybody know of any new multiplayer servers I can join? The servers I used to play are dying and becoming inactive. Not really looking for a specific theme, just something that has active players and possibly a discord server connected to it. Thanks!

Update: I found a server called fallen kingdom, but people can keep posting here to help others find new servers. Thanks for the help!

Fallen Kingdom is a good server and they have a Discord server.

Are you looking for new and fresh? Or just new to you? My severs aren’t “new” because they are over 5 years old. But they’re active. Skylands owned by Jemni and Rabbithole owned by Mad Hatter. I have a discord server for my general server discussion, available with the /discord trigger when you join my servers.

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This list by Thuthu is gigantic and should help you to find a few new-ish worlds. It also factors in ones that are actually accessible.
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@jemnidad’s servers are pretty cool, I recommend them. :grin: – Not the newest, but a pretty good indication of the most popular worlds.