New arrow concept

I wish arrows would be shot like this
It would be so cool!
(Made by instagram)



that actually would be cool, closer to how minecraft operates with it, i like it


I guess it is a bit more realistic.

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How does one cast an arrow? :sweat_smile:

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hm, perhaps using telepathy?

I think they are talking about the arrow’s trajectory.

no, he’s asking that quite literally, it says on screen “swipe in any direction to cast”, by holding the fishing rod first and then switching to a bow without actually tapping it, but you obviously can’t cast arrows

if they were to add this, this’d have to be changed to “swipe in any direction to shoot” or something of that nature, but i don’t think it takes much common sense to consider it, it’s not like it hurts to reminisce on simplicity

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Welllll I mean shoot because I do not know anything about editing lol
Edit: made a new photo (that was the closest font I found on the internet)

Wrong topic there :wink:

yeah that was the original version pre-1.7, it doesn’t make much of a difference we know what it is, but i’m not sure the current font is available or not

Oh whoops thanks for telling me

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