New Beginnings

I wonder how the game will fade… Or what will succeed it’s recollection…?

The game and the forums are slowly coming to a close, and that’s just how things eventually go. Although it’s lengthy lifetime, everything has its limits… We have Sapiens coming out soon, but that will never be the same as Blockheads was for some people…


I’m not much of a footprint here or someone that’s remembered, but I know others will be remembered and their presence will always keep the memory of the game alive.

After the forums close, I wish you all the best wherever you go next, wherever your gaming adventures may take you. Be careful and stay safe. Everyone here will eventually move on, move on to new things and create new memories in other places. You should all enjoy what you have in the present, don’t worry about the future and don’t waste your time regretting the past. Everything comes to an end some day.


Even though we all move on, as I slowly fade away from here, although I’m slowly forgetting things… I’m still here. I still want to leave even the slightest footprint, however much I tried.

The game has come a long way, even with the small community still guiding it and supporting it on its last legs, eventually everything must fade away, but the friends and memories we have will never fade. We are all very lucky to have had these experiences with each other.

You all have big successes, big goals and dreams and you should seek them out. Even if I never have seen and talked to you before or that much, you will all have a great life.

However, you may not have ever seen me before but I’ve always been here, and I will be here for anyone who needs me.

Become welcome of new beginnings and embrace the future as it comes, taking small steps at a time and not racing too far, too fast and missing out on the best parts.

Let’s start a new beginning…

I’ll leave it at that, my original alias…
** ~ Aura Shadow…**

If I never see you again, farewell and good luck.



We’ll miss you! :wave:


See ya around

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