New Blockheads Server


Hi Guys! Welcome to my post! My name is Mike, and I am an avid player!
I would like to create a server, but can’t think of a name or theme.

Please go fill out my [Google Form] to help!
Whoever’s theme I pick will get admin, and the top 5 rules I pick will get mod!

I have changed the “collecting emails” setting on my form! You will remain anonymous!

I am very sorry for the mix up, I have only used Google Forms once before, and for that we never touched the subject of email collection! I never meant for that to happen!

Ok, once we get in between 15 and 30 responses I am going to shut down the poll. Spinning Silver is a book by Naomi Novik.
Check out the Wikipedia entry for Spinning Silver by
Naomi Novik

I am shutting off the poll early!
Here are our final results:

Here are the people I am considering making admins:
Please message me at your earliest convienience to confirm you want admin.

My server is scheduled to open January 10, 2019 6:00 PM (Europe: Paris), January 10, 2019 9:00 AM (America: Los Angeles)
Hopefully everything goes as planned, and thank you for your support!

I am delaying the server opening until I have more funds available, but it will open sometime before April!

Hi friends! I am back from an break for school and exams!
I am reconsidering the idea of a server, anybody who wants to be an Admin, go here
If anybody wants to be a mod,go here


I am sorry, but i am not entering my personal information into this.


This forum does not approve of email sharing at all. It would be safest and best if you just made a poll here or used reply posts to get your responses.


My apologys, I am new to Google Forms! I must of forgot to shut that off

I am sorry Legoboy70! I have turned that off, would you consider filling it out?

My most sincere apologys Jemnidad! I have turned off that feature, would you consider filling the form out now?

And on a side note, With a google form you can make a google spreadsheet. This allows you to average out the persons choices


I have removed your other thread about this world. Note that each world may only have one thread. More than one makes it too hard for players on your world to keep track.

Please also see the About thread for the Multiplayer category, as it contains the rules for posting world threads :slight_smile:


Submitted. Although I wasn’t familiar with the first theme mentioned so I have no clue what that is.


In my opinion, that’s not a good way to get your admins and mods. Better to have them earn by trust and time.


Yea don’t just give it to anybody or they might destroy stuff without yours or others consent.


Sent the form. I didnt fill out the “create your own name” part however


That is why it is not required!

I have seen other people do it, so I am confident. If they don’t work out I have a couple other people who will be admins who I trust

It is just an experiment, I have seen other people use it!


Merging multiple posts in a row. Please edit posts rather than posting over and over in a row. You can @people if you wish to reply to more than one person at a time.


Ok sorry Milla will do in the future!


Cool :slight_smile:


It is a book about magic and winter and stuff, pretty cool


Will you be paying for this server entirely by yourself or will it be paid for by the community as well?




I don’t understand what do you mean by this. It doesn’t have to do with my comment, unless you’re saying the form you created is an admin/staff application.
Also, chances are that your admins who got in by picking a theme just might destroy your spawn or something important. Your experiment was already tested before by many people, and the results usually weren’t good. You’re giving trust into strangers. It’s like giving a credit card number to a person you don’t even know-I guess things didn’t work out with those admins who basically destroyed your world, like you said.


Rollbacks: and that’s where we enter


Well that is what I am doing, so if you don’t like it talk to someone else. That response was for someone else


I’m just trying to warn you. It’s a risk to do that. However, the server seems interesting, and I doubt people from forums really do this. But still better safe than sorry. Hope for the best of your server!