New bug encountered ?, lag blocks?


Back when I was about to continue working below the city I saw these black blocks I never seen before, tapping on them does nothin, and their shape is Similar with the fog, video is included below

My device: iPhone SE

Version: 11.4.1

One people in the server said that those blocks won’t load and you have to break them yourself to get it to load.

I haven’t tried to do anything with them yet.

( this is my first time posting a video on here so if you find any problems with it please tell me )

Edit: turned on link sharing so access isn’t denied anymore

Also I screen recorded this on the iPad and it showed up as well, here is the video for it


I can’t see the video,access is denied.


The shadow blocks… more like “shadow mobs but resembling a block”. They appear as unbreakable barriers in the highest edge of the world (also the video is still broken), they existed in 1.7 as glitches.


Still can’t see it :cry:


I can’t see the video.


Couldn’t figure out why the video didn’t play so I provided pics instead


It looks like Google Drive is not compatible with Discourse, as YouTube is.


Not sure what is it but it does look like a lot of black glass.