New challenge: Low energy



The low energy challenge is easy to set up, just make a vanilla world and start playing normally, but always follow these rules:

  • You cannot sleep in any type of bed (You can still craft and place beds, but you just can’t sleep in them).

  • You cannot command any blockheads to sleep (The only time a blockhead can sleep is if it collapses from exhaustion).

  • Eating coffee cherries and drinking coffee is banned

  • Wearing tin foil hats is banned (You can still craft them but you cannot wear them)

Good luck!


My opinion of this challenge is to just spend more time waiting for your blockhead to do actions.


But who would lol.

I like the idea, I may try it out sometime. :slight_smile:


For money at the trade portal…?


Yeah I guess


Why? Why can’t we?



you don’t have to follow these rules, but if you find the base challenge too easy try these!

  • You can only eat food when hunger meter is completely empty.

  • One blockhead max.


What does a tinfoil hat do exactly? I haven’t used them, and want to know beyond “prevent mind control”


Basically if your blockhead is wearing one, he/she will start doing random things


Oh. Cool


Lol. When a I was a wee noob back in 2016 I thought that the scorpions were aliens, so to battle them I made a tin foil hat. I got very confused