New Cloud Server (Cloudy Heavens)

hello! okay, so i used to play blockheads a lot when it was very popular and now that i’m visiting back, i see how much things have really died down and looked to perhaps bring back some life through a new server. although this server is brand new, i do have some ideas: i want it to be a place where you could build relationships and just hang out; somewhere you could build and enjoy the amazing structures. i want it to be very community based with lots of suggestions and a staff who really cares for the server. as for rules: my only wish is to eliminate any insensitive or rude remarks towards other players. as of right now, i have 2-3 people assisting me with building. we are in need of staff to help with html and building! if this server sounds like something you’d be interested in, feel free to let me know, as it is currently private right now. i am hoping for it to be non pvp and more of a hangout server with impressive builds, jobs, hotels, and free build areas. i am very open to suggestions and help feel free to pm me or message me on discord (@joyrawr #5114). thank you!
-laura <33


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id like to apply to help there please.

I do. If you keep this rule your world will be set to private status, so people will need a link to find it. Please be aware that anything not child-friendly renders a world liable to a status change from me.

yay! just pm me or message me on discord @joyrawr #5114

I would love to help out

So I’ll apply

alright just pm me or message me on discord @joyrawr #5114

The discord tag isn’t working

joyrawr#5114 (no space)


personally, i agree and will not tolerate dating. i don’t see blockheads as a dating app. by relationships, i meant friendships and close bonds.
also, yes i do not allow insensitive or rude remarks AT ALL. i find it disgusting which is why it is my number one rule.

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