New Cloud Server: Rise of a Empire (NOW OPEN!)

Update: 7th September Ownership cost update and trade portals.)

Darkness has befallen the lands as the greatest empires have fallen. The Empress who once ruled these lands has disappeared. Those who wished for chaos and anarchy have left this world in ruins with only tatters of its once great history. Your goal is to create your own empire and rise in power, wealth and community. Fight those who wish to see the collapse of civilisation and work together to become strong!

Server Settings

PVP Enabled
Size 4X
Rainfall Dry
More Caves
More Ores
More Sky Islands
Large Veins
More Treasure
Normal Health
No Regeneration
Death Drops all Items
Trade Portals Sell and Jobs Only
Teleportation Diamond Portal Only

Server Rules:
As with all servers you are a guest here. Please avoid chats of real life details, religion, politics and personal information. If at any point you are not comfortable with the chat please let staff know and we will deal with the situation.

No Hacking/Duping or Cheating
No innapropriate profile pictures, usernames or names
No causing lag (large scale farms, lights or dodos or water)
No PVP in protected areas
No leaving or pausing during PVP

Banned Items (These items are deemed too over powered and therefore too much of a advantage)
Titanium Armour
Display Cabinets

Important Information:
-This is not a role-play server. It just has a theme to help people have a sense of purpose.
-Protection sign can be bought by clans but will be hard to obtain.
-There will only be mods on this server so as to keep it fair for everyone
-This is a Custom server with trade portals set at sell and jobs only.
-Server owner The_Empress (Emmathetroll)
-Yes you can kill, grief and steal !

Protection Signs Cost

Please remember protection signs are very strong items therefore they will be of course quite expensive. Each empire may buy protection signs. But must send a representative to meet empress at spawn with the needed items.

1st protection sign costs:
40platinum coin
20 titanium ingots
5 Diamonds
3 tamed and caged shark
5 tamed and caged fish

2nd Protection Sign:
60 platinum coin
5 diamond pic-axe
10 tamed drop bears
1 diamond portal

3rd Protection sign
10 green tulip
3 full set of pole items
10 sets of carbon fibre armour

Server Discord:
Feel free to join.



We are currently looking for active people to join and also to be staff. Let us know what you think of the server concept so far :smiley:

  • I may join to play when you open.
  • I would like to help build ruins to set up the server.
  • I would be interested in being staff.
  • This is not the server for me.
  • I would like to create my own empire.

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I’ll help build ruins if needed :slight_smile: just message me if that is needed

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Glass cabinets?

Iron shelves is what they mean I believ

oops, thats just what I call them. If you haven’t heard of them, I meant these :smiley:

(Display Cabinet)

Working on some spawn art. This mural is mystical places and beings focused. A memoir to history both fantasia and real.

 Cool  might cause lag though

Uh what


to be honest, griefing seems a little to extreme, but the concept is nice.

Heya guys fingers crossed we should be opening today. If you are interested please come on over and join us. We have spotted ruins around the world. Some with shops some with just rest rooms. We are considering wether or not to have pre named empires for people to become the owners of.
Only you sometimes have players who join once and make their own clan never to be seen again. But creating your own clan and its name is also fun…
What do you guys think?

  • Have pre chosen empire/clan names for people to choose to be leaders of.
  • Let players create their own empires/clans fully from scratch ?

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Will let you all know when we will be opening :smiley:

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Heya guys we are now open:


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We had a night of darkness and much loss last night. The vengeful Empress sad with the lack of tributes turned the world back into the dark times. With the sun gone and the animals wild with rabies health was hard and the people suffered.

The offerings of tribute given by Cetus is what bought the light back to the world.

May you all learn to pay tribute to your empress or beware the dark times.


I’ll Join Whenever Possible For Me! Usually Mid day Or Evening. ^w^

After two blood moons. The people have learnt to show proper tribute to their empress.

Their loyalty was rewarded with one day of buy/sell on trade portals.

Congrats to our first empire run by @Sugarflop to get a protection sign. Good job Akkadians

Come join us as we defo need more competition between empires.


Cool concept