New Combat Mechanics And New Weapons


After many days of contemplation and going through the torture of drawing (I wanted my sister to draw for me but she refused. She can draw better than me, please don’t judge too harshly :frowning:), I have finally created my concept for the new combat system in Blockheads. This new system would be an attempt to replace the old boring tap and attack system.

New Combat Mechanics
The new combat mechanics would use the newly added D-pad, with the pad it will allows us to move and attack at the same time, allowing for a more complex fight. Energy would be an important component of the new system as some weapons can drain energy faster than others, leaving you vulnerable through fatigue (we can’t have you swinging a heavy warhammer without consequences, right?:wink:). Knockback would be added as well to avoid players just tanking and walking towards their opponent. Other more complex parts such as the control setup, combat modes and sprinting will be talked further below.

  • Control Setup

    I have been go through my control setup in my mind and I think it might be too cluttered for it’s current iteration but I’ve seen Iphone games with setups similar to this. What do you guys think? Is it too cluttered for Blockheads?

  • Attack and Defense Mode
    There will be 2 different modes during combat. Attack and Defense; in attack mode the player’s speed and attack will be normal. While in defense mode the Blockhead will take out their shield and the player will be able to change the shields facing direction but would have their speed and attack reduced during this mode. They can still attack though.

  • Sprinting
    A new mechanic where the player can enable their Blockhead to sprint and exploit openings made by the opponent. This can consume a lot of energy in a short period of time and should only be used sparingly or during the right time

New Weapons
These are the new ways weapons will be used with my new combat mechanics in mind

Well that is all I have for my suggestion. Please leave any opinions you might believe can improve my suggestion

Thank you,

Note Worthy Ideas:

  • @Prototype Weapons will deal less damage as the blockhead gets more tired

  • @SomeRandomUser Adjusting armour effectiveness and weapon strength to allow for more balance

  • @OBITOWANKENOBI Enhancement of armour through interchanging of material from different sets of armour


Your drawings are great :+1:, don’t worry!

Also, I envy your handwriting. Mine is a MESS.


Thank you!


Nice handwriting!


I would love the new combat mechanisms. Tbh, tapping on a blockhead over and over is not skill based in the slightest, its all on who has an inventory of food or who has more armor/ a better weapon. And its kinda boring.


Are you challenging me and my horrible handwriting?


Perhaps the weapons damage should depend on how much energy you have; for example, a swing of a sword with full energy would be more damaging than one without.


Amazing, this will revolutionise the game


That is actually a good idea! It makes sense that you can’t hit as hard if your tired, but the effect probably shouldn’t be too drastic or else energy will dictate too much of the battle.


Perhaps armor effectiveness/weapon strength would be adjusted as well. Since the system is really good, but if it was implemented without a balance to the defense and strength of weapons and armor, anyone with titanium armor would still be able to tank most hits regardless of an interesting system or the current


There is a reason why I added weapons which will ignore armour such as: the warhammer, mace and crossbow. It is so that players wouldn’t solely rely on their armour’s protection but I guess that may not be enough. A way to balance armour I think is to slow down the Blockhead when armour pieces are worn. The more pieces there are, the higher the reduction in speed. This will be especially true with steel and titanium which are quite heavy materials in real life. I might even make sprinting with heavy armour sets drain more energy than with lighter armour sets.

The problem comes with carbon fibre armour as carbon fibre is quite a strong and light material. I had to be a little creative and did some research.


From what I found it seems that carbon fibre is quite brittle and will crack when pushed beyond it’s strength or exposed to high impact. The cracks formed will cause the object to develop weak areas and may even make it shatter. We can simply allow carbon fibre armour to be light and strong but have less durability than the other sets of armour.


Titanium can be used to make planes, it is a light metal, so it would make it OP, as it is light and resistant.

Also, it is cool to see that you actually did a research!
Probably for titanium, it could lose durability faster each time, since it is easily scratchable, so, when it recieves a hit from a heavy, or sharp weapon, it would lose durability, and with each hit, durability will increase faster.

Dude, I got an idea, what if you could “Enhance” the armament? (Not a SAO reference, and not how you do it in minecraft”.
Since effective alloys can not exist between the metals in game, what if you could “Combine metals” in other armors, like adding parts of carbon fiber in iron, to increase durability.


I didn’t know titanium was light enough to be used for aircraft, I thought it had the same weight as steel but is just stronger (in a sense making it “lighter” than steel :stuck_out_tongue:). As for the enhancement idea, it sounds great! It’s like a way of getting a middle-ground between a weaker set of armour and a stronger set of armour. The enhanced armour is stronger than the weaker set of armour but is not as strong or effective as a set made fully from the stronger material.

As for titanium armour losing more durability from each consecutive hit. I wouldn’t add it as it wouldn’t really make much sense, titanium is just a very strong material. The only way I think we could balance titanium armour is by increasing the crafting time of titanium ingot and titanium items. Possibly having PVP servers banning players from buying titanium ingots and titanium items from the trade portal. This is supported by my research here.


From my research it seems that the reason why titanium is so expensive is because of it’s manufacturing cost. Apparently titanium becomes very brittle and weak when oxygen is introduced to its structure, so manufactures go through multiple processes to cleanse the titanium of its oxygen. An additional cost is also due to it’s strength, since titanium is so strong it makes it hard for manufacturers to cast titanium into products.