New coming cloud server: Expert Maze (opening August 1 2019)

So I am working on a new server an expert mode maze server and need some help now it will be hard to get admin or even mod because I need people who will be active a lot so if you want to apply message me these things

In game name

How active you will be

What can you help with

Admin or mod

Can you sometimes help fund the server if it is an emergency

Discord name and tag

Why should I send you the link to help

Will you enforce all the rules

Here is the rulesthis top part will be edited out once the server opens

<h1>Welcome to Expert Maze!</h1>

<p>*Disclaimer: This server is hard if you like easy things LEAVE NOW!!</p>

<h1 style=“border:5px solid Tomato;”>Rules: Maze</h1>

1.No spoiling the maze!


2.Don’t kill the animals


3.Don’t ask for help


4.No teaming


5.No helping others

<h1 style=“border:5px solid DodgerBlue;”>Rules: Normal</h1>

1.No cussing ever! (including using the Lord’s name in vain)


2.No hacking or hacks!


3.No “dating”!


4.No advertising!

  1. No spamming
  2. No asking for admin or mod
    7.Don’t whine if you die
    8.If someone asks you to stop killing them then stop
    9.No pausing during an agreed pvp fight

Edit: so my code wasn’t working I know it’s messy right now but I don’t have time to fix it yet the welcome message on the server isn’t on there yet


That’s okay.

We are getting a lot done on the backwall of the first maze but I think now is a good time to get things besides the mazes planned so there’s gonna be 4 levels each 10 tc long (level one is longer because that’s on both sides) so each level is the Same on both sides so it’s gonna end up taking 40 tc the server is 4x there’s gonna be plenty of room left so once you finish the maze that’s not the end you can participate in stuff the rest of the server is pvp/freebuild there’s gonna be a lot of contests and stuff even though it’s expert mode so I’ll have portals at the end of the maze so y’all can make a workbench but supplies for contests will be provided so everyone has a fair shot be prepared though make sure you don’t die because no teleporting so if you die you gotta come back (there’s also gonna be a railroad for traveling possibly)

Who’s excited

  • I’m going opening day!!
  • Eh I might join
  • I’m joining as soon as I have time even after opening day!
  • I’m never joining

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Hi :wink:


June 8th

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I never knew building things would take so long!
I blame the bugs.

I’ve got my moms credit card I can help you jk I’ve just got 100 spare yuan whic can sustain a server for 6 months


Custom expert


Just found this post and wanted to say that I’m really excited to see another maze server! The game has so much potential with these kinds of servers, but I’m sad to not see any of them nowadays, good luck!


Poll is for a new open date unless a lot of people wanna help and I really mean a LOT

  • June 29th
  • July 6th
  • July 20th

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Here’s an update we worked hard for the week with credit then it ran out and I couldn’t spend money I can’t until May 1st so unless we get a lot more help then we have to delay the server opening and I’m glad that you’re excited @Exotic

Update: we now have a message bot sorta I couldn’t work on it but a couple minutes so not even the currency is working right yet but it will be soon I’ll work on it using my phone and stuff

Edit: also

Release date!!! July 6th at 6 pm cst



Guys here’s the deal August is coming and August 13th school starts back well hopefully I will have a job by mid September so right now I have to delay the opening until December 28th at 1:00 pm cst
That is the absolute last time I will delay it starting my birthday I will hopefully be able to get the message bot set up so delaying it will make it possible for us to have the message bot at opening I hope y’all understand anyone who I’ve explained it all to should (that’s not very many people but yea)