New Custom World “ Sky Survival”

Name : Sky Survival
Owner : Rebel Pr1ncess
Co-Owner : @Lizzie1

Objective: Survive from using the objects given when you spawn into the world. But there is a catch…you must explore and build in the sky. The ground is protected.


No hacking, duping, unknowns, supershops, or cheating of any kind.

No hacked or duped items.

No offensive language. No spamming.

No inappropriate pictures or igns or chat.

Do not be purposely annoying.

Please use an actual name, not a string of letters, numbers, or symbols.

Do not use invisible characters in your ign.

Please use an avatar picture, not the default picture.

No excessive griefing or stealing. This is a cooperative world.

No protection signs except for spawn and pixel art.

Do not destroy gem trees.

Cooperate with Staff.

Admins must not use admin powers to advance the game play of their non-admin
accounts. For example, don’t scroll around unnecessarily.


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I assume that also goes for trolling?

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Struggling to get enough clay to get a workbench :joy: there’s so much just staring at me in the ground, taunting me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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That’s so true, Porky! So much clay and flint, all Inaccessable. And I can’t seem to get the dodos to lay a flint egg. :joy:


Interesting Idea for a server Rebel. I’ll stop by when I can, but I’m still struggling in my Pod at HD 40307b :joy:


I found an island with a single amethyst

The island is now my home


Such a nice island home! I’m moving, looking for a new spot to live for a while. So far, I’m dying from the cold, so I wouldn’t say that my search is entirely successful yet lol.


Can I sell sluices, eggstractors and steam generators?

Also here is some info to help beat the world What does it take to beat expert mode?

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I didn’t change any settings since the world opened. It has been on fast day/night the whole time, since it helps with the food and with dodos. It’s a fun world to try to advance. The Diamond tree certainly helps!


Interesting Idea for a server Rebel

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Thank you. But I have to give most of the credit to @Lizzie1

Aww thank you Rebel, but we both worked hard on getting it ready to open. :slight_smile:

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