New font

That also means that the messagebot should work for everybody, yay.


Will it cause conflicts removeing the accented characters from the names?

Do you think there could possibly be an alternative way to use the special characters? I know allot of people that use them, and would be dissaprointed if they had to go.

Perhaps something like § and ₩? They didnt appear to be currency symbols when I checked.

What will this mean for players who currently have special characters in their name? ÄRK is a player on Skylands Arena who I am sure would be disappointed to lose his name / progress, among many other players. Will we be able to /reassign players again (or ask Milla to do it?)

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What if someone already has the name ARK??

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Please do not attribute edits to Milla which were not done by her. Doing this is essentially lying by saying she said something she didn’t.


The game client will simply stop displaying the illegal characters in the game. So ÄRK will now show up as RK to other players, but still be able to log in with that name and keep everything. I haven’t actually implemented any of this yet, so it’s all subject to change. But that’s the plan for now.

It means people could impersonate others, I’m not sure yet how I will deal with that, possibly I’ll also stop new names from being able to use those characters at all.


I liked it also
does it work on chat also?:thinking:

I know this is a huge bump- 8 months- but is there a place we could download the font?


That’s the old one. The one I posted is the new one.

I use both sometimes :slight_smile:

What do you want to do with it?

Can you look at the picture in the OP?

Is that what you wanted?

What operating system are you using?

I’ll see if I can make a BH font typing webpage.

Is it wrong I have the original Blockheads font even though 1.7 is almost here? XD


Eh, same. ._.

@Celadon @SHAHMMM


I use to like the old font better, now I like both. The new one is a bit more modern, as is the new graphics and icon.

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I do like the old one, I have the font on my computer. I think I like the new one better, but I do like both. :slight_smile: