New food items for The Blockheads


Add a salad to the list!


You should add apple pie and cherry pie to the list!


Instead of meat log maybe brot?


Amazing idea! I will use that. Thank you!!


You should add lemonade to the list!


Noted and adding to the list…
Added! Along with some Breakfast ideas for the morning :blush:


You should add crackers to the list!


Yes yes. You have lots of ideas! I’m going to have to hand this thread over to you if you keep it up :lol:


I know, right? :lol:


Do you have anymore suggestions for me?


Where do you get cooking oil, and how do you make it?


Cooking oil is made from oil you find underground. No other ingredients added.
You make it in a “deep fryer” made in the Workbench


What about corn flakes cereal?

1 corn
1 sugar
1 milk
1 salt
1 bowl


What about chili sauce with chips?


MMM :yum: I will buy chips, BRB


@TheFoil and @WumboJumbo sorry it took so long to add your ideas… I was having technical issues.
Anyways your ideas are posted! TheFoil your idea is under Pancakes by Jason just in case you were confused. Loving the ideas! flood me with more!!


It literally took 1 hour, that’s fast.


I don’t see chili sauce with chips anywhere in the OP.


Oh sorry I said Salsa and chips. I’ll change it sorry :neutral_face:


How about eggs and dodo meat?