New food items for The Blockheads


Added. Thank you for all your feedback @WumboJumbo :slight_smile:


You can already make pancakes and/or waffles with dodo egg, flour and milk




Is that a suggestion? If so can you be more specific…?


Bratwurst is German sausage.
Also idea:
Made with 1 ice, a stick, and a apple.


Okay. I’ll add them now.


Thank you.


Another idea:
Whipped cream
Idk how to make so maybe milk or something ?


I have an idea. Dessert items! :yum:
Alright here are some items
Fruit cake
Sponge cake
Pumpkin pie
Pumpkin bread
Zucchini bread (I’ve had it before and it’s pretty good)
Apple tart
Chocolate cake!


Okay. Give me a little bit and I will add your items to the list.


Use @EXPLOSIVEPLAYZ whip cream for hot chocolate:

Made with 1 whip cream canister,
3 cacao beans (from cacao tree)
1 bucket of water
1 bucket of milk
1 mug
1 sugar

Made in electric stove

Whip cream is made with two cups of milk in an electric stove. Gives 3 canisters of whip cream.

The cacao tree is an evergreen tree that grows cacao beans.

Sugar is made with sugar cane


While in theory the addition of all these items sounds ideal, is it really plausible? You’d have to make multiple items to make these foods, like rice, sugarcane, seaweed, etc. Plus, with so many items on the menu to eat, it gets confusing. I mean this is a lot of content to add- although extremely well thought out only maybe 1/3 of these are practical.

But props for your dedication and hard work, esp. with the emojis :clap:


Sorry if the list is too long there are just a lot of different foods and suggestions to add :sweat_smile:
And thank you @Celadon for your feedback. You are correct so I will be taking some items off of the list (excluding the suggested items) and I will conclude the list until further notice.

But thank you guys for all of your suggestions and feedback I really do appreciate it!


Yeah I definitely am now concerned how many choices we will eventually have!

“Let us make some dodo tacos!”

—one hour later! "Aha! I found the recipe! :slight_smile:

Although, it’s a fantastic idea!
–no discouragement here!–


Thank you for your feedback.
I am not discouraged by your comment… honest opinions play a important roll in all my posts! Actually, I encourage You to do do more often.


How is this still getting replies! I like the idea but was my idea okay too?

New food on the menu!:


Oof I had no idea a thread like this one existed. So sorry :disappointed:


Another suggestion:
Magical meat
Drops from unicorns
Heals some, about half of rainbow cake.
Would replace rainbow cakes dropping from unicorns.


Unicorns don’t drop cupcakes.


Yeah, they drop rainbow blood… I mean, essence