New food items in the blockheads


What is your favorite food? Sushi? Maybe chocolate, cake or even broccoli?
And think: is it in the blockheads?

For example - maybe your favorite food was a banana. Wouldnt it be cool if this game had bananas in it?

Some food items that would be nice to have in blockheads:
Fruit- bananas, raspberries, strawberries, passionfruit, lemon.
Seasonings- pepper, hot sauce (made from 5 chilli, and 1 water), sugar.
Plants etc- sugar cane, cocoa plant, banana tree, raspberry bush, strawberry bush, lemon tree, passionfruit vine.
Sweets- chocolate (from cocoa beans roasted in the same way coffee beans are) made with 5 roasted cocoa beans, 1 milk, and one sugar.
Baked goods- croissant, made with 1 dough, 5 lemon tarts made with 1 dough, 5 lemons and 3 sugar. If you would like to add any food items please post them!


Ice cream- served in a bowl made at the kiln for 5 clay. Ice cream is made with one bowl, one ice, one sugar, and one milk. Made on a workbench called an ice cream churner. Different flavours too. Add any fruit to it x1 and you can get different flavours! For example: mango ice cream made with one bowlone mango, one ice, one sugar, and one milk.


Different suggestions should go in separate threads.


You forgot cookies…,



Yes, add cookies.