New food on the menu!


Just thought of another breeding system.

So we have coffee cherries, wheat and fruit, but what if there was a way to get other food through secret means. And no I don’t mean hacking.

This will be different from animals though, like the dodo and donkey/unicorn.

Similar to tulips, if you plant near certain plants of a different type, close enough that their leaves will eventually touch, as they grow, theres a chance they will start to affect each other. Fruits will do the same thing as they are supposed to, but cross bred fruit have their colours affected. Like a partially purple apple or a partially green cherry, partially orange corn or a partially light brown carrot and partially blue vines.

Replant the cross breeds and you get a chance for new plants like potato’s, strawberries, cocoa, bananas, peanuts, capsicum, sugar, blueberries, grapes, watermelon, honeydew, apricots, jackfruit, dragon fruit, durian, etc.

These new foods can’t be found and you can’t meditate for them.

New food items for The Blockheads

so a pine and apple tree make pineaple?


add a hint of 2017 :lol:


Bad ideas. But this fits in in the blockheads and it would make sence for Dave to add this in 1.7 :slight_smile:


Because that makes sense.




At first I didn’t like this idea,

But you twisted my arm


is it broken?


I would rather dragon fruits be called pitayas in game because it sounds cooler.


This is a great idea!
Would rename to Breeding Fruits tho cause clarification.


What about kelp?
Everybody here loves kelp right?
Kelp is equal to all plants!


Not sure how kelp can be changed or even how they will change given other plants are on dry ground lol. Maybe kelp can be seaweed and used for sushi


You could also use it as an ingredient for ramen! I would love to see ramen in game!


Now add cross breeding animals like dodos with donkeys.


Behold! The apple-donkey, ever wanted a portable apple farm? Well thanks to the apple- donkey your dreams can be a reality. The apple-donkey’s secret is the apple farming technology that allows you to gather fruits even while offline!

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Dadlypotato. Y


Wrong thread?


This is a amazing idea. I love the idea of cross-bread plants and animals! I’m sorry for making another post similar to this, @ElTaPa. I’ll make sure to give you a shout-out.