New game from Majic Jungle: Ambience. Website and forums now live!



The Blockheads 1.7 is just around the corner, with just a few final touches on the Android version to go before it can finally be released within the next few months.

Noodlecake is working hard on that, but my work on the 1.7 update is complete, so recently I have been working again on my new game: Ambience. It isn’t a sequel to The Blockheads, but more of a spiritual successor. It’s a full 3D game, and will be released on PC, not mobile. It is another exploration/building game and will still have a lot of similarities to The Blockheads. Ambience takes everything I have learned from creating The Blockheads, and builds on that experience to create something even bigger and better.

Today I am launching a new pre-release website with brand new Discourse forums just for Ambience discussion. If you’re interested, please check it out at

I’m super excited about this new game, hope to see you there!

Blockheads on steam
Blockheads Block News
All of The Weekly Blockheads (Issue 2 is out!)

Epic! I’ll check it out. I’m very excited for Ambience, Dave!


Awesome!!! I have to check it out!! :slight_smile: Will it be free?


Dave said on the Ambience forum that there will be some price, but it is undecided.


Try this link.


Sounds exciting! I will definetely check this out. :slight_smile:


how much does noodle cake work on this game

but either way this game looks like fun. im exited for the open world survival as blockheads already used that concept and worked good. i dont know if there is any other survival game out there with the realistic style

im realy exited to see whats in the game


Weird, what does it show?


Noodlecake have one developer who knows The Blockheads code base inside out, and he has been working near full time on 1.7 since it was ready to port late last year.

The reason it is taking so long is that I went totally overboard with 1.7 and made a lot of large changes to the code base for all the new features. They have said that the work for 1.7 is more than the work it takes them to port most entire games!

So they really are working hard, it’s just that it was a huge update. Hopefully not too much longer!


How will you get this game? Steam? Windows app store?
I made an account on the forums, but it hasn’t sent me an email yet and I can’t log in with out the email idk if something is messed up or not.


I’m aiming for Steam at the moment, but I’m not totally sure yet.

Check your spam/junk folder for the email. Because the forum is so new, it can take a while for all the mail servers out there to start trusting it, so emails can get delayed or end up in junk folders.


My email came in spam, but it came instantly.


disappointed sighs


Trust me, it will be worth it


kaypoppy meant 1.7.

I agree, very excited to follow development on the forums.


The Forums are so sleek too! I like the Admin and Team badges. Really looking forward to the progress of both Ambience and BH.


I’m super excited, it looks great, very modern and minimalistic.
The website looks a little awkward, though:

Maybe it’s just my screen, but the left image isn’t spaced enough.


I got it now! I think the last time I tried it didn’t go through or something, so I did it agian with the same email and name and it worked.


Cool I’ll try the link later :smiley:


Kaypoppy was referring to Dave’s remark that 1.7 will be released within the next few months. Not Ambience.