New game from Majic Jungle: Ambience. Website and forums now live!



Maybe dave will let us fly drones in ambience. :rofl:


makes sense.


Perhaps create a bookmark?


Will ya’ll still be playing The Blockheads more? :raspberry:

  • Definitely.
  • Maybe when I get bored long time after 1.7
  • Depends on how fun the game is.
  • I will not be active on Blockheads as much.

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Sweet! I’ll try it out soon, also can’t wait for 1.7 to finally drop.


Not a perfect solution, but I am a heavy user of Keypirinha, which comes with a bookmarks package, thus I only need to activate it (custom shortcut for me is alt+space), type “a”, and hit enter to open my bookmark for Ambiance. Similarly, I hit “b” to go to these forums.

The search engine learns as you use it, so the first time I wanted to open Ambiance, I had to scroll down a while to find the bookmark, but now it remembers and will open it without searching past the first character.


I am so excited for this new game!

And 1.7 of course!

Joining the forums ASAP!


Anyone else having this problem? I’ve tried clicking Brer’s link, to no avail. Edge, Windows 10. On my other PC (Windows 7, Firefox Quantum), it works perfectly fine :confused:


Aw, it’s PC and not free. Guess I won’t be playing. :frowning:


I want to join the forum but it’s probably better to wait then throw my self in another thing. Why not add an off topic? Or a link to the blockheads forum as a little thing to mention.


There is an off-topic category, but it is only visible to those who are either logged in or have the basic user trust level. (Not sure which)

This doesn’t seem necessary. Most users are from here anyways, and that forum is devoted to Ambience and its development. I’m sure any new faces on the Ambience forum who are not blockheads will quickly learn about this game.


At this rate, ambience will be fully done and have a few updates by the time 1.7. Comes out
Jk jk
But the new forums+the main page for ambience looks very slick and modern


Is @milla going to be getting any kind of help now that she has two communities to watch ontop of everything else she needs and will need to do?


Oh man, I wish I would’ve read this before I walked out of the house for the day!
Can’t wait to get back home so I can have a look!
Congrats, majicDave, on reaching this awesome milestone in your Ambience adventure! :tada:


Just letting people know I won’t be posting for 13 hours on it… Stupid new user rule… -.-


You’ll love that rule when the trollers come

They haven’t come much since summer. Maybe they have lives outside of ruining ours?


Eh, okay. XD


I keep hearing all the new users can’t post or something? I haven’t had this problem for some reason.


Me neither.


How many posts would they have to make to hit the “new user” limit?