New game from Majic Jungle: Ambience. Website and forums now live!



I haven’t tried posting a lot, so I wouldn’t know

I think it’s around 10?


I really like this game idea! I might try it once it comes out! And 1.7 is soon too! Yay! Just a question, in 1.7 will there be android fixes for things such as multiplayer, bugs, etc? I currently have more problems on android than people i know IRL who have it on iOS :confused:


I’d assume so, they’re trying to make the update perfect for both platforms.


Ok, I’ll be taking a list of recruits to sign up with helping me build an Ambience Worldwide Railroad!

The really cool thing is with 3D we can make a whole network of interconnecting rails!


I just wish i1.7 would come out already :tired_face:


I’m planning on buying Ambience, can I help when the time comes? :slightly_smiling_face:

You should make a Gigantic Ambience Empire! :wink:


Skeeves Gigantic Empire (Ambience Edition)
Home of the games largest and most complex interconnected railway system.


By the time it’s released I’ll hopefully have a job lol


Ambience looks so nice already! Those landscapes are beautiful. I don’t suppose it will be available for Macs, or is it a PC-exclusive game?


Dave said it will be available for both PC and Mac. I think Linux too.


On Ambience forums.


Uh oh, I don’t think Windows XP can do it for me!

Hopefully it goes to Mac too.


That pretty much sums it up! :lol:


Rip, still can’t connect :frowning:


I’m having no problems.


Isn’t the world’s gonna be earth size?
If so Im not signing up to help the railroad :3


I think in one of daves youtube videos he said it was larger than earth.


No matter how big it is, if Skeeve invites me to help I’ll dive into it! :smiley:


Skeeve won’t even bother building a railroad if it is not larger than earth😂


@devyn it seems to be working now, the problem was with edge.

edit: Wow, way to jinx yourself, Titan!

Using chrome still, nothing :frowning: