New game from Majic Jungle: Ambience. Website and forums now live!



No, but it’s tedious for me to do that- it usually gets stuck not able to reconnect for several minutes, and normally doesn’t do anything. I’ve tried this with my Windows 7, Google Chrome PC and it works perfectly fine.


DANG IT! I have to wait until tomorrow to post more.


where are you guys getting this many post from? LPW?
((Not offensive, I am just curious))


There’s a Last Post Wins there, too?


(Where forums goes, lpw follows))


No, LPW is in Off-Topic.


It’s on forum games on here because there’s no forum games category on the Ambience site.


It’s not replacing the blockheads, is it?


No, just expanding the Majic Jungle player reach.

People will still play both, but I assume we’ll see an occasional wish-wash between both games taking up all players’ time after new mods, new updates, etc.


OMG, MOG, THANK U SO MUCH MAJIC DAVE!I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS UPDATEFOR AGES,Sorry, I know that im overreactin, but thank u so much! With the update, im sure that there will soon be 10 million ppl playing! Im just so excited! Good job. I can tell its been hard work!


Lol thanks

GOD, I live in auckland NZ too!!! I am like, flicks hair your biggest fan, and I can’t believe our country is earning so much!!! Majic Dave really is Majic!!!

Yeah, seriously, I ain’t lyin’.


Oh! Sorry, I didn’t know! Thx


It’s okay! :slight_smile: Most beginners do it at some point. (i did as well) Just tap the pencil button to edit your post to add whatever else you want to say.


k. Thanks!


Yaayyyy!!! XD!!! I’ve been waiting for this moment for like, 2 years!!!


ill try it


Looking forward to see more about the development of this!



Dave’s crazy! :joy::joy::joy:


so will the world credit be free or something to make it free?


Please see/read the following topic to have this conversation, if you mean blockheads: A change to server credit in 1.7

Will this game be filled with Majic…