New game from Majic Jungle: Ambience. Website and forums now live!



Please see/read the following topic to have this conversation, if you mean blockheads: A change to server credit in 1.7

Will this game be filled with Majic…


I believe @Windkiller was asking if it would be free on ambience

Sort of. Hectopascals will make their own servers. There will be no official MajicJungle one


Is this game could be multiplayer and theres like a server u can join? And you can build anything in this game? Lastly is the game 3D!?


The game will be both single player and multiplayer, you can build and write mods for it. It will also support VR (3D):

From the Ambience Forums:


Thanks is there protection sign too and promotion like mod and admin?


The game does anything a modder programs it to.


Ohh. Okay is there a conversation too like chat from Ambience?


As far as I understand it will be still a long time before the game will be released. Long as in years, not months. Going by Dave’s tweets he has only just managed to have his cavemen lit a campfire. So I guess it is way too early to ask for details.


Ambience is in early development, it has a world, A 3D WORLD!! That you can explore. The game is also made by Dave (creator of Blockheads)


Please don’t tag Dave for no reason, and I think everyone knows what Ambience is from reading the thread.


As Brer Rabbit said, please only tag David if he really needs to see your post. Tag me if it’s marginal. We want Dave to work of his games, not on us! :wink:


Congraaaaaats dave! Man, shouldnt you be one proud guy, eh? >w<


It looked like Dave is keeping the app logo the same in the photo showing that he submitted it to Apple for review.


I asked milla about this about half a year ago. She said it was. I have no idea when though as it has been a long time now.


But it looks a bit like Ambience :thinking:




Dave making Moat Digging Simulator 2018?


Will it eventually be released on other platforms like mobile or Nintendo switch?.


Most likely, no.

I am designing the game to be something you sit down and play for a few hours at a time, an immersive experience, rather than something you pick up and put down in short bursts. So fundamentally I don’t believe it will end up being a good fit for mobile. PC is my focus, it will launch there first, and I’m not even thinking about mobile when making game design or UI decisions.

However, after the PC launch if it turns out that it will actually work out well as a mobile game, I wouldn’t be totally against doing a mobile port. - majicDave