New game from Majic Jungle: Ambience. Website and forums now live!



Today in the shower I came up with a great new name for Ambience, so the name will definitely change a couple of months before release. Keeping this new leading candidate to myself for now though sorry 🙃

— David Frampton (@majicDave) July 19, 2018


Announce ambience
Get everyone hyped about it
Change the name
Change the name?


That’s what I was going for…
Idk what’s to use to make it



I made this yesterday but forgot to click the reply button. Here you go, my friend.



Wow foil! :joy: imdying.




MajicDave liked your post!


What about that? Is it illegal :frowning:


Yes, it’s illegal for Dave to like posts on his own forum.


Ambience will now be named “The 3D Blockheads”

nah (also not real)


Ambience will now be named


Ambience will now be named “Subject To Change the Name”


Majicdave, if you were to change Ambience’s name, will it still be named abience? For example, let’s pretend you will decide to change the name to “digging simulator”, a better name would be “Ambience: Digging Simulator”. Is that a good idea? To make the game sound cooler, maybe you can name it “The Ambience” That way it has the illusion or be a more original name. :wink: What do you think about that?


Ambience will now be named using a symbol and heretofore be known as “The game formerly known as Ambience”


The game looks good so far. :smiley:


@thefoil is now famous.


Must. Remember. Forums. password!


Would you add in a free demo for the game?
Or maybe online mode?

(And possibly a blockhead reference.)


ah skree