New game from Majic Jungle: Ambience. Website and forums now live!



Ambience looks fun , is it out yet ? Where can I get it , Steam ?


Its not out yet


New devblog is out now:

There’s a new name and new look!



Is ambience like minecraft?


No it’s like where human started so I think for me better gonna called it a historical game! Sapiens


Ambience is now SAPIENS.


What? Awww I liked the name Ambience better


As a huge nerd I like sapiens more.

But why in the shower?


Will BH still be updates regularly?


At present there are no plans for a new content update. There will be a bug fix/house keeping update at some point in the not too distant future. We are focusing on Sapiens, the next game, at this point.

You can read more about it here:


Shouldn’t the thread title be changed to reflect the new name?


If I understand correctly,The Blockheads’ development has been discontinued. I suppose all great things do have an end…:frowning:


Blockheads isn’t being discontinued, but rather Dave is not focusing on it much anymore.

I believe there will be a bug fix update eventually and maybe a sliver of hope that we may see one final big update in the far far future.

When the game is discontinued Dave or Milla will inform us about the decision to discontinue the game.


The game is solid. We just get very little return on the investment involved in updating the content now. The Blockheads has got to the age, where that happens. It’s still self-sustaining though. The changes to the business model ensured that. There’s no danger of us closing down the cloud any time soon. Dave’s time is better spent on the next title, though.


Any hope of selling the game?

Also to @majicDave -> What about the new epic store? Will you sell on there?


I don’t think he’ll sell it for the sake of updates


We haven’t got that far yet.


Will the game will come on IOS?


No. It is a PC game.


Its realesed?
And is it free?