New game from Majic Jungle: Ambience. Website and forums now live!



Not released yet. Will be paid (I think).


U know the releas date?


No date yet.


We haven’t made any official announcements about anything, really, except that it’s a computer game called Sapiens, and we hope to do some testing a bit later in the year.


See the latest devblog for what Dave has been working on:


Latest from Dave: Devblog #27


Can now wishlist it on Steam:


Will Sapiens be less computer-intensive?


Than what? ANd what do you mean when you say “computer intensive”?


As for being less demanding, then less intensive than Fortnite but higher than Roblox (I may expect a 2GHz intel Pentium or an AMD Athlon with a Radeon r300/Geforce FX Series GPU with 128MB of VRAM, around 2-3 gigabytes of storage, and maybe 2 gigabytes of RAM for 30FPS gameplay).
“Computer-Intensive” means that a game is so demanding that a superior PC to run.


You can see the requirements here:

Dave says 4 GB of RAM, but that’s not in there yet.


It is as of this morning :slight_smile: Just forgot to mention I updated it.

Say 10 and you are closer to the mark. Dave lists some tentative requirements on Steam.


Title needs to be changed, it is sapiens. Not ambience! :stuck_out_tongue:


My PC is too inferior to run Sapiens. You need over 4GB of ram and 3-4GB of GPU VRAM (I have 256MB of VRAM on my Radeon HD 7310, which is only effective for Terraria, Roblox etc.) and a multicore (usually 4 to eight cores, like the Kaby Lake i5/i7 and the Ryzen 5/7) 3.xGHz CPU (I have a dual core AMD E1-1200 with 1.4GHz, which is too sluggish to run nearly everything), effectively making it as demanding as the recommended requirements for PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (with a quarter of the ram recommended to run the game and a third of minimum storage), even the Ten Gigabytes of Storage makes you need to buy a 256GB SSD (I have a 128GB SSD, the most inferior thing in existence).


Latest devblog with running chicken:


Game made by Majic Jungle threating the whole human evolution: Has dodos.

Game made by Majic Jungle threating specifically the early Homo Sapiens evolution: Has chickens.


Logic is fun.



Will this be another free game?


No. The game will likely cost ~$20, and targets Windows, not iOS or Android.

There’s an FAQ here: