New gear?

Just a thought but next time you update the game why not add an new workbench for newer weapons cuz atm you’ve got bows swords axes machetes why not add a gun smith or new armors

Like the idea of new armor but the guns I think would be ind of like a disruption to the peacefulness

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Just. A suggestion but then what about new swords or throwable blades

I think that’s a good idea!

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Imagine like high jump boots u can be a ninja with that lol

Could you elaborate more on the materials please?

How will they differ from existing weapons? We have a projectile weapon, a polearm, and a melee weapon. It’d need to be seriously differentiated to be considered on top of what we have.

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Well idk lets say you could upgrade the pole stuff say the boots would be able to freeze the water they walk on and you’d be able to do so by throwing a stack of ice atop the boots in snowy weather or something along the lines and they’d just change or say you added throwing knifes seeing as you already have bows one that’s normal and the other that dose poison say the knifes could have a longer range and dealt more more damage than the bow and since you’d need an gold upgrade I believe in the workbench to craft the bow the throwing knifes would be added to the titanium section so that they’d be made by using say 2 titanium ingots and 1 stick so then they’ed only be one but the daggers could stack up and be retrievable, or a bow that shot fire arrows that would set mobs players or blocks on fire or say when your trying to grow food or crops add bone meal by crushing up the shark jaws and to use them on crops to speed up the progress or adding some more hostile mobs to add more of a challenge to the game

Or say you were to add an but of a magical update say you were to add wands or magical objects say in the spawn portal you could purchase a teleportation crystal for 50 tc that has one use just tap a spot use the crystal and you would be there but it wouldn’t allow u into protected zone without proper permission or a fire staff made with 10 embers 3 gold ingots 1 glass and some titanium that would be made in the spawn portal after you’ve unlocked the diamond level or a water staff that would be made with the same stuff as the fire staff but instead of ember it be water or something that would either do projectile damage or allow you to swim faster in water now i know this is probably not as good as your plans I just thought this was cool

Yeah, the game could use some new gear.