New Mac Server - The Blockhead Prison!

Play the Blockheads Prison now!
This server is not realistic. This does not happen in real prison.

  1. Do not cheat, hack, or use exploits.

  2. Do not beg for items/coins

  3. Do not impersonate anyone

  4. Keep everything family friendly

  5. Do not talk about things like politics or religion

  6. Follow staff’s words. Owner > Admin > Mod

  7. Use common sense.
    In the Blockheads Prison, you must try to become the richest inmate. You can do this by doing your job. As you do your job, you level up and get jobs with better pay. At level 50, you get released from prison.
    Port: 15265

This intrigues me. Prisoners do food currency too.

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I can see this server becoming popular (largely due to the success of prison servers like Icarus).

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Sounds interesting.

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