New Multiplayer Server: Experts in Cuba

Private message me and I will send you a link to join. If I have no idea who you are we will meet in a cloud world first.

Experts in Cuba

This is an expert world with a difference. We all work together to create the set of master benches in a world with little more than our imaginations.

The master set of benches Anything you produce or meditate may be used to upgrade the master benches. You can request a copy of any bench that can be made from the master workbench, if materials are available to make one. Master benches can be borrowed but must be returned before leaving.

Your personal benches You can have your own set of benches. If you upgrade any bench higher than the master set your bench will be taken and added to the master set. A lower level replacement bench will provided if available.

Donate materials to help upgrade the master benches by placing the items in your display cabinets. Other materials you keep in your safes. Items in safes may be taken by an admin to use to upgrade the master set but this will usually be avoided.

Die on exit You will die when you exit the world so be careful that you pack up first. Make a portal and use the spawn in exploit to respawn in your preferred location or teleport if that’s too hard. Why? Because we all work together to make the master set of benches. What yours is ours.

The starter pack One set is on the shelf if r is around to give it to you. It is 5 safes and 5 display cabinets. You can also request the materials to make your own portal but it must be created immediately.

  • Are there rules for behaviour? Yes. Behave like your grandma is in the room. No duping, hacked in items, minimise exploits. If your unique personal type of nuisance annoys others, don’t do it either.
  • Usually just reach for the chat? Multitask. Spawn in and start meditating.
  • I have never played expert mode, can I join in? Yes definitely.
  • Can I get my space protected? Probably.
  • Can I be mod or admin? Don’t ask. If you demonstrate the qualities without the title, you will be offered. Don’t interpret this to mean bossing other people around.
  • Can I give things to other players? Yes please do help others but check they really understand “die on exit” first or be prepared to collect their stuff.
  • Can we all stop everything and sleep or med? Only when its convenient for the other players.
  • Are you going to take my pole item/pick etc from my safe? If it isn’t part of an upgrade or used to make a bench, then no.
  • You took my bench and added it to the master set, can I have it back? You can borrow it. Feel free to upgrade it more.

Custom settings Trade portals disabled. Meditate on. Die on exit. Teleport on. Max blockheads 1.

World created on 25th March 2022

Is this a Mac server?

Yep up 24/7

Die on exit?? Don’t think I’ve ever been in a server where that has actually been used. Sounds fun! Sign me up! :3



I killed a scorpion with no tools or food lol

And then you died?

No I died when I didn’t kill the scorpions

I’m kinda hyper tonight because I am in a happy mood

Well one of my friends made a new server and it makes me happy and I have been sad a lot forever but today I am happy

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I’m glad to hear that you’re getting back into the game with your friend! I hope you have a blast!

Sign me up. I’m ready

Same here Nycci, I have had several ideas for a server like this but the Die on Exit factor just became too annoying in my testing phases.

Also, large worlds require a high cost in TC because the only way to travel far before dying is to plant portals to serve as checkpoints.
(I think there’s a limit to how far one can re-spawn at an alternate portal)

Anyway, you guys let me know if this is successful, I’ll give it a shot.


Expert mode with it gazillion upgrades makes it a long game. It does tend to be a bit spawn hugging. But there’s not a lot of point going far. Here’s the world info

That’s part of the excitement, skeeve. It’s the weekend. I expect you to drop all you plans and I’ll see ya there :handshake:

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I’ve been on for 3 deaths already😂
We are currently experiencing some connection issues though. Which of course are deadly😅

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Oh, I see. I just passed by your alcove. :+1:

No ore = No clay, how we suppose to play…? Or it is a building server. It’s ok, then.

I’m responsible for this, sorry!

Going to archive some inactive worlds to see if it helps performance.

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There’s still a bit of clay in the ground. The rainfall=very dry makes it mostly sand. No ore only affects the stone layer not the dirt layer.
Lots of ways to get clay aside from the ground. Dodos, meditation, press dirt with a bucket of water.


I tamed a donkey :grin: once I get a few carrots saved up I will go for a trip