New multiplayer world

I want a PvP server with some 9x5 rooms. You can get a room with 99 platinum coins. Those rooms are in the top. The rooms in the basement are admin-only, but will contain some special stuff (trade portals, diamond portals, etc.). There is a shop right next to the portal. It doesn’t contain admin-exclusive items, like trade portals, iron doors, or ownership signs. I don’t want to pay for the server and all the trade portals. Because I suggested the world, I will be an admin.


  • Health: Normal
  • Hunger: Always Full
  • Happiness: Always Happy
  • Death: No Regeneration
  • Death Drops: All Items
  • Main Portal: Level 1 (Normal)
  • Other Portals (in basement): Level 6 (Diamond)
  • Tool Decay: No Decay
  • Clothing Decay: No Decay
  • Spawn Items: 1x Bronze Sword, 5x random food, 1x Platinum Coin
  • Name: THE HOTEL

So you want someone to make the server for you?

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This appears to be correct. They are proposing a server idea.

What a joke.

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Yes .

It might be best if you make the world yourself. It may be your idea but if someone else makes the world its their world. They may admin you at first but that can always change. I’d suggest if you want to run this world you make sure you’re the actual owner. In the end whoever owns the place will always have the most power even if they don’t use it.

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That’s not really how it works. Closing thread.