New OLED model of Nintendo Switch coming out in October!

I’m probably going to get it because I mainly use handheld mode on my switch.

What are your thoughts?


My actual thoughts are out of context, like were did my old school Nintendo Gameboy went?

Have a nice day.

The only difference is the OLED display. It’s otherwise identical to the outgoing model.

I still have my gameboy advance XD

Incorrect. The dock is updated with a Ethernet port (Took long enough), and a re-designed kick-stand. Just enough to make it the go-to for new Switch users and the more hardcore audience.

It’s worth mentioning that the only thing all the rumors/leaks got wrong was that there ended up being no change to the hardware specs. This indicates that Nintendo was planning to do a proper Pro model but tabled the plans due to the Pandemic and/or the global chip shortage.

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I would probably get it even if that stand was the only upgrade… sometimes I try to play with some friends at a park or something and it’s annoying to have to put something under the switch so that it doesn’t fall over

Those aren’t changes to the Nintendo Switch itself. The dock is separate hardware and can be purchased separately.

The new stand, larger screen, oled screen, and new speakers are all changes to the switch itself. The dock only got visual changes other than the Ethernet port and possibly hdmi 2.0

People only buy it separately as a replacement, it comes with the switch and does literally nothing without the switch. Saying the dock is separate hardware is like saying the Wii U gamepad is a whole new console that is in no way related to the Wii U.

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For one, the dock doesn’t have a display like gamepad for the Wii U.

All of those changes are minor and fairly lackluster. Other electronics (such as smartphones) have had those kinds of improvements for years now and are way ahead. It’s disappointing that Nintendo hasn’t released a beefier version of their handheld console yet.

But they are both useless without the other thing if you try to use the Wii U gamepad without the Wii U it tells you to turn on the Wii U and try again. The switch dock is useless until you put your switch in it

  1. It’s not a handheld, it’s a hybrid

  2. How is it disappointing?? Most people get Nintendo consoles to play first party games and all of them run perfectly fine even if it is at a lower resolution (you can’t even tell that it is a lower resolution unless you have a giant tv {I still can’t really tell, I can play Forza horizon 2 on Xbox 360 on a 70” 4K tv and I only know it’s only 720p because it says on the back of the box for the game…}). The same thing applies to other games. Also Nintendo doesn’t want to (and isn’t trying to) be a company that needs all games to look crazy realistic and be perfect, they want you to have fun and make memories with friends and family. The specs are enough to run everything on it well enough that not many people really care.

Also releasing a beefier console would make a big division where the 90 million existing switches suddenly don’t have the newest games coming out on them and I could see a lot of backlash from the community if you have to pay ~$400-500 just to be able to play new games on something you already have.

If they are going to release new hardware with more power they should wait till their next console generation.

The Wii U can be used with remotes from the Wii.

Ignoring the fancy marketing, it’s referred to as a handheld console.

Neither Sony nor Microsoft have ever mandated that. Why would Nintendo?

People have been asking for a beefier Nintendo Switch for years now. You want Nintendo to just keep people waiting for many more years to come?

Weren’t we talking about the gamepad and the dock? You can’t pair anything with a gamepad or dock.

If it’s in a dock I can’t have it in my hand, even without fancy marketing it’s a hybrid

They won’t require it but most games are going to use that new hardware and then you have to upgrade to this new switch just to play the games.

It’s the only thing that makes sense. If you just cut off the 90 million existing units people are going to be crazy mad…

A couple of things…

  1. The switch dock contains no technology besides the I/O ports that let you play in console mode and sync controllers. It is simply not required hardware.

  2. The Switch is definitionally a hybrid console. The joy-cons are detachable for tabletop mode, end of story. Also the software is specifically designed to allow easy connection to a TV.

  3. It is simply impossible for Nintendo to execute the launch of a more powerful console (Assuming exclusive titles due to power gap). Nintendo can’t afford to develop for a console that nobody will be able to get due to the chip shortage.

Why has it been rumored so heavily then? I think Nintendo has thought this through.

Yet Sony and Microsoft decided to launch their consoles during the height of the chip shortage.

Actually it does have an OS and all and a recent update to the switch allows that dock to get updates…

A YouTuber (spawn wave) suggested the rumors aren’t actually for a switch pro but the next generation of Nintendo console (this can’t be that far away, it’s been 6 years already). A developer said they were making a game for a Nintendo console capable of 4K, makes sense that it could be next generation, oled screens were “leaked” to be on a switch pro and we have that with this new oled switch. The press found out a bunch of things, put them together then bam switch pro that doesn’t actually exist.

Where did you learn about that? I have looked everywhere and cannot seem to find anybody who’s said that.

I would never rely on a random YouTuber to offer trustworthy information.

You clearly didn’t read what I said, it’s just a guess nobody is saying it’s 100% true I just think it makes sense

By looking at the news in google chrome?

I read what you said, but you never said that your source was purely just guessing.

That story was “in development” when it was created and is still in development. Even then, it’s a very short article. It’s not entirely solid.

Valve has decided to do what Nintendo has refused to do so far.