New protection sign option: Picking dodo eggs up in protected areas


Think there should be an option for protection signs that should allow you to pick up dodo eggs as a normal player. This would be a button and would be set to off normally

This would come useful for if you want those eggs but can’t really get them.

I am not sure who would use this, but I hope it could come in handy.


Then why should it be added?


This shouldn’t really be an option, if you are setting dodos in public then it’s because:

  • They breeded and you don’t really care about them
  • You just thought they could be cool in there.


I like to tame and sell the pets I breed, so if you could pick up my eggs in my protected base, I wouldn’t be able to make money from them.
I like that my eggs, baby dodos, coloured donkeys, and unicorns are all safe when in a protected zone. :sweat_smile:
I’ll often give items if specifically asked for, if I’m close enough to said player.


It would be a major issue if someone started collecting somebody else’s rainbow essence or titanium eggs considering how long you have to wait between eggs. If someone wants help with egg collecting than having dodos in an unprotected area would work best. For public collection try just protecting the apple tree food source in a small sign and leaving unprotected areas between for dodos to lay eggs. You will probably have to repair the dirt often but that also will give new players a source of dirt for making benches.


Iron doors.


This is one of my public server set ups. I like and encourage people to walk through my base, shops are in each indervidual bay, so you can see what your buying. I don’t mind that the drops can be cleaned up by regular players. Some servers, that comes in super handy.
All my items are protected in safes and cabinets. If you could pick up my eggs and babies in here, this set up wouldn’t work. :frowning:


Please remember that this is an option, it is optional to set on protection signs


I like it. I would implement this on the server I watch over.

Maybe not on rare eggs but on eggs that are hard enough to obtain.

Don’t forget that if you leave the server, all your animals disappear with you and then reappear when you log back on.