New reduce lag menu and functions


I feel that sometimes lag may get a little out of hand, and cause many to leave the server or servers altogether. so what I am proposing is a new menu and functions to disable or prevent a lot of lag.

To find the option, it will be in (Paused - World Options) under a new button called (reduce lag)

This will be a feature only the owner can customize.

In the new menu you will see

(Setting these will refresh the server, you must tap apply to set your changes)
Falling Fruits (On/Off)
Animations (On/Off)
Rain/snow particles (On/Off)
Item Drops (On/Off)
More then 1 blockhead (On/Off)
Animal spawns (On/Off)

(Advanced) (Contains more things you can do to certain things like animations as an example)
(Apply changes)

This is all that I can think of. but I hope it can work :slight_smile:
If there are any problems with this suggestion, reply or PM me about them.


How about just having a setting for disabling all particles?


Why only owner?
The players can customize if they want high or low graphics(for their device only)


I agree. These should be device settings.

Great idea, @Lord-Hyness!


This already exists


Only in custom worlds though; I think the max blockheads setting should be in Vanilla. I’ll go suggest.