New server: Angels Garden V2



Welcome to Angel's Garden V2!


1. Please ensure all usernames, pics, conversations and paintings are kept child-appropriate. Fail to follow this rule, and you will be banned.
2. Please do not use foul language no matter how angry you may be. Users of all ages play this game.
3. You may debate, but it must be in a friendly manner, i.e: no toxicity or drama of any kind. If an admin or mod asks for you to cease the debate, you must do so. And please keep in mind "debating" is different from "fighting".
4. Display a friendly attitude at all times possible. Don't push your problems onto others.
5. Respect all players, including normals, admins, mods & the owner.
6. Do not share personal information such as email, full name, address, phone number, or what school you go to. This rule is put in place for safety reasons. Asking someone personal information will result in a permanent ip/device ban.
7. Do not greif builds unless instructed to by chi_chi, useless2460, or golden angel 2. No stealing whatsoever.
8. Role play is unwelcome here.


The server has just opened up! We are looking for those willing to prove themselves worthy of mod or even admin.
Builders needed, enquire for a building challenge by asking chi_chi (aka useless2460). Choose from these categories: pixel art, modern & professional.
Some screen shots of the spawn: ![IMG_3356|1024x576](upload://4GMxG78DSfMYVVsmyjoGSHVXsYf.png)


I fixed the image for you.


The world info is terrible hard to read on your chosen background. Just saying…


@wumbojumbo thanks!
@Ronnie ill fix the background.


Also, i may not be on often, don’t expect me to be there everyday


Hello everybody, I’m changing the name of this server and I’m whitelisting it bc some pretty inappropriate stuff happened there. I’ll edit this post when I change the name, and ask me if you wanna be whitelisted.


Is the server running? I would like to join it!


No its ded