New Server: Champion Fields

No hackers, please.

Champion Fields:


Can I please be added to the whitelist? My ign is haileyjoychannel

Same my ign is Codeoffun

Can I be admin?

Weird, I typed it in and it said no results found.

That is because it’s a Mac server

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What are the rules for the server? Besides for no hackers.

I could not find it.

You’ll have to click on the link in the original post. You can’t search for Mac servers unfortunately.

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How do you do that?

Just click this link. :smile:

Yes, it is a Mac Server and won’t show up when you search in the Blockheads App. You have to click the link to open the app.

Can I be the Whitelist? My ign is PAULO 17

There’s no whitelist at the moment,

You have to open the link, it won’t show up searching in the app.

@Mattrick yes there is

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I would like to be added to the whitelist too.

the link did not work.

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Ok let me check, sorry for the confusion

I forgot that I DID have it whitelisted, my bad! If I use “/clear-whitelist”, does that turn off the whitelist or just clear it?

Whoops!!! Sorry! Try it now.

It works now

it still did not work.

Merged triple post. You can edit your posts using the pencil button that shoes up when you tap or click on the ellipses.

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