New server: City 24

Well, ive made another server. It’s survival and expert mode this time, so it’l be way better than any of my other servers. :wink: Here are a few basic rules we’d like you to follow when you join the server:

• Do not discriminate, people of all races, genders, sexualities, etc. play here.
• NSFW content in any form is banned
• PLEASE dont be negative 😕
• Listen to the mods/admins unless they tell you to do something crazy, such as jump off a cliff.
• you may destroy other peoples builds.
• PvP is enabled. Hit each other all you want.
• you must earn everything you own. Do not ask others for items.
• No spamming.
Anyway, i hope you guys will have a really good time here, and hopefully the server is reasonably active. ENJOY!! (And happy easter) 😜 Join link:

Then how are they a staff member in the first place? :question:


You never know. Staff Could be admined without my permission or whatever.
Speaking of staff, if you’d like to be admin/mod on my server message me on the forums or discord and tell me why you think you’d be a good addition to my server.
Disc: Chi#3982