Welcome to the start of Economy Build.

The aim of this server is to build a community that interacts and builds the server together. An interesting factor is trade portals will be disabled so truly you will either have to craft or trade with one another for resources. Pvp will be on but not allowed on spawn Island. Players of all abilities and ages welcome.

Server Ethos:
Though this is a custom server this is simply to limit the potentially economy damaging outside items. We are taking it back to when you did your first tutorial world where items really meant something. Before you found out about duped or hacked items before it got easy and boring. Staff are not allowed to give players items and we encourage players to not do so. Not to be cruel, but to teach one another the worth of a single block. From my experiances thats often how many servers die, when the game gets too easy it gets boring.

Building Rules:

Anyone can build but only Moderators are allowed to build towns/cities. This is so that we do not have loads of empty towns. Moderators will be given financial assistance for their towns in order to help fund its inhabitants.

We ask for no large scale farming or decorating with water as we want to reduce lag as much as we can so that players on ALL devices may play with as little disturbance as possible.

Only Moderators and Admin are allowed to place portals.

For many players exploring is as much fun as building, so please make sure all builds have wooden doors going through at one point so no one has to do arduous climbing. Be proud of your builds and show them off!

Money Making Tips:

Working on the world wide subway is a great way to make a income, you will need a post box under spawn so that you may be paid for your time. Place signs from starting point to your end point for pay.

The town that you live in you may ask the owner of the town for any jobs and as a inhabitant you will have priority.

Become a trader or business owner and offer your talents to earn a living. Be creative some fun ideas: utilise pvp become a bounty hunter? become a pet shop owner and look after other peopls pets? Maybe become a highwayman and rob those who pass by on the train?

(We want to limit the seen to many times “hotels” and “coffee shops” that often are left empty and pointless please feel free to check out our ideas board that will be on our discord page.)


We as most servers do expect for everyone to be kind and respectfull. We understand everyone has bad days and are happy to be forgiving and as understanding as we can. We will try to avoid banning but please be sure to listen to the staff. All staff are trusted by the owner to enforce the safety and integrity of the server as they see fit.

If ever you are not comfortable with a conversation please let a member of staff know.

We have a zero hacking and duping policy as this is a economy server it is truly counter productive. Unfortunately for those caught doing so, will be banned with no chance of return.

Staff expectations:
To be staff on a server it can often be tiresome and exhausting. But for me, my staff are there to set an example for other players. Be kind, greet players and assist where you can. For many of my favourite servers the staff are what make the community and creates a returning player.

Be diligent and take pride in the server. If you see something not right then deal with it do not just leave it.

Remember it is often hard to tell the age of a player or ability so try to be understanding and keep calm.

Those who abuse or flaunt their role will be demoted. I expect honesty from my staff and kindness to those we host on this server.

If you have a issue please contact the owner via PM: @Sugarflop or via discord at : SUGARFLOP#7649.


This reminds me of Atmos and Urbano. I like it! :smile:


thanks wumbo :grin:

For buissines thing what if you wanted to make a factory would you have to buy land?

great question @aj440000. After considering your question no not unless you are building in a town in which case you would have to adhere to any potential fees the town owner may have.

But I am thinking in terms of protection signs all signs will cost a universal fee that covers material and travel cost for admins. ( which money would most likely then be returned for community jobs such as subway worker fees)

Hmm ok

I’m excited! When will it come out?


@Lucyawesome thank you lucy for your enthusiam! I am working on just setting up spawn island so the bare nessecities are in place to assisit the economy growth. Then I will be opening the server- aiming within the next few days fingers crossed.

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I will depress the value of dirt


theres always one!:roll_eyes::joy:

Heya everyone we should be opening this evening. It would be great to see you all. Here is the server discord:

I would love for you all to get to know one another.

Some important information I decided to set up this server on my own so currently I am looking for a full staff team. Due to my real life responsibilities I am looking for a co owner also. Feel free to let me know if you may be interested in being staff I will keep it in mind. For co owner once we are a little more established I will let the community vote for their co owner.

Also there is only one set of pole items…but be careful you are not mugged for them once you get them!

I will let you know when we are about to open.

We are officially open :partying_face:

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My town’s name is Friendship City it’s 20 tc <<<< starts at exactly 20 in case anyone is interested

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Yeet everyone has taken all the pole items I’m sad

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gotta be quicker than that naw :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No u


I‘ve never had so much fun on a server before :joy::heart_eyes:

I’ve been off the game for too long tbh. Maybe this’ll kick me back into playing it. Sounds way too cool to pass up on.

Seems the Discord invite is invalid

I already joined and I already fell in love! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: