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wow This is on Economy build

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The maximum amount is sixteen.

Heya guys I have made a lil video of our build comp game from last night, feel free to check it out. Be kind I was SUPER nervous!:sweat_smile:


Some cute screenshots from the server

Torchio our favourite advertising dude.

Grocery Store Build Comp (imperial storm the irish bartender won😂)

Dodo Farm Build Comp

Playing the Safe Game

Opening day photo!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Images from Plasmatic Town and Altea Town

Hope you enjoyed scrolling through these :smiley:


Could you please dm me a new link? The old one expired

Heya everyone so we are working on a Hogwarts on the server. We will be hosting games and events harry potter themed. It is just the start of the project but this is what we have so far…(lil sneak peek)

I tried to make the hufflepuff dorm as realistic as possible.(my reference)

This was my very limited photoshop skills :joy:

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


It looks awesome! The build is very incredible!

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Hai so we have a few towns now on the server so we have introduced some town challenges! Today is the deadline for our first challenge!

Here are our entries for the Theatre build competition! I love how creative and fun they all are!


Which towns build do you think is the best?

  • Altea
  • Plasmatic
  • Tulipatopia
  • Wisteria Woods

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Since the photo looks cut off:

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Thanks @Bibliophile :rofl: :see_no_evil:

For those not on our discord here is a sneak peak at the town build prize safe :star_struck:

Also just to be clear the above poll will decide the winning town! :joy: (and yes this is a way for me to not have to decide the winner! )

Hello Everyone,

I am super exited to announce one of my server communities will be hosting another event for one of @Bibliophile Blockheads Advent calendar days !

We will be hosting tomorrow on Friday the 6th of December a Advent Build Comp at 9PM . The Prize for the winning build will be one month credit to a server of your choice. For those of you who would like to own your owner server as long are you are contactable to me we can arrange for me to open you a server and have owner ship transferred to your name.

You do not need anything to take part in this challenge. All build items will be provided for in this event. For those of you who do not know how we work build comp please watch the video below in order to have a crash course. The Build Comp arena is located to the left of spawn island please just follow the yellow signs.

The fine print: Everyone is equal in the game this means you only use what is given in the build safe, do not use any outside items, benches or tools. If you lag out during the game I will not give extra time so please only enter if you are sure you will be able to play to your full capability. We will do sign up at 9pm it is as always on a first come first serve basis (no reservations) There are only 7 player positions available

This event is hosted by us to help those who may not be able to fund their own servers. It is the time of year for giving and kindness. Please have fun and feel free to share with us here your builds! I will be recording the event and uploading to youtube. Something I thought everyone may enjoy!

Location: Economy Build, Left of Spawn Island
Capacity: 7 Players
Prize: One Month Credit Give away


I should be there maybe I’ll be in 8th period it’ll be 3 pm for me



Hello everyone I am back, I think. I am giving away Economy Build. It is a popular server with a amazing community but coming back to Blockheads after a break I would like to work on a fresh server. So to become the new owner of Economy Build please comment yes below to be entered in to a raffle which will be announced shortly. The server will be entirely yours and you can do whatever you wish too it. Amazingly the servers still has 60 plus days of credit left so please enjoy!

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I think I’ll have to tell you later because idk if I’ll have money by then

The server is very nice! :slight_smile:

Yes :slight_smile: hope I win!!

Yes, I’d like to enter the raffle.