New Server "Rank"


.New Server "Rank"
I thought big on this idea, it’d be kind of hard to program in during 1.7, but it’d still be cool. Essentially it would be called “Super Mod”, (not the game manager). Super Admin would be the name for the Game Manager. Super Mods would be trusted by Milla and Dave, and the user would normally be a Beta Tester, or a Trust Level 3 on the forums. Their power would not allow them to access any of the Super Admin/Game Manager commands. It would although prevent the user from being reported, muted, kicked, or banned. The use of this would be so the user could monitor servers and make sure they’re ship shape, and also enforce the rules. This power would also not have any access to any one else’s owner portals. It would allow access to mod, admin, and owner commands. All of this would of course, be the way I think it’d make sense. (Also the background could be yellow or another color that is more common).

Thanks for reading, we should all try our best to contribute to 1.7, and other blockheads future updates.


Please make separate posts for each idea, or they won’t get official consideration.


Alright @Blocky1, I’ll figure out a way to make it one by one.


Some people already get the name consfused. Some people think Dave and Milla are super mods.

I really do like the idea of people looking over cloud servers and seeing that they are running good. That would siriously cut down on the bad servers on the cloud.

However, I dont like the fact that people with trust level 3 on the forums get to just go in and have as much or more power as the owner. I would not nessisarilly want someone just work up to trust level 3 on the forums, and then come and start ruling my server.


As you can see from this cropped quote, @nobodyatall was saying that the super mod title would have to be given to someone not only trust level 3, but also the person would have to be trusted by Dave and milla. So it would have to be a manual thing done after probably much discussion, not something automatically done by a machine.


Ohhh. I totally forgot about that. That makes mlre sence now. :slight_smile:


@nobodyatall, if you click on the icon that looks like a pencil at the bottom of your post you can edit it. I’d suggest cutting the second two ideas so that you can then paste the content into a new thread. Delete the third idea from thread two and create the thread. Rinse and repeat but this time delete the second idea so that thread three contains idea three. After you are done tag me here (type the @and then my name, select me form the list that pops up) and I can change the title of this thread.


@MummyK, the editing is done, I already changed the title on this topic. I assume that I just have to put idea 2 into another topic and fhen idea 3 into another? I’ll do this a bit later, I do now understand that I should split my ideas into one by one topics. Thanks for the information again whoever said so. :wink:


Yes that’s correct, make a new topic for each of the remaining suggestions.


No support. Sorry, but server owners are the owner of their server. They get to decide what “ship shape” means, and should not have the threat of a super-mod who just doesn’t like their theme or whatever hanging over their head. With the size of this community, all we need is Milla to take care of servers that break the server rules. You don’t often see servers hosting pornography, or threatening their users that they’ll find them in real life. Milla takes care of these things right quick. If 1.7 rolls around and Milla finds the server owner population unmanageable for her, Dave will probably just hire another super admin.


@Dragonrim, you could be right about this. But first of all there is only one Milla, she may be able to handle it all, but it would still put stress on her I assume. Second of all server owners can’t really choose if they want their servers to be appropriate or not. Technically if they can’t handle banning people that are breaking general blockheads rules, then that server should not be put to “public”, that is if somebody were to report it with proof. I’ve seen a server before that has been put private without the owner agreeing to it. It’s just a fate for servers that are not meant to be public. Thirdly, the super mod idea is not meant to be for random people, I’ve said that Milla and Dave have to trust the person enough. Most beta testers would be capable of having the power, they’re supposed to be making sure blockheads is “ship shape”. Even though this is part of just to spot bugs, and possibly fix them, they still have the capability to keep things “ship shape”. In some ways, they’re “trained” to keep things “ship shape”. Obviously if the server were appropriate, they would not do anything to act against the server. I do understand why you don’t like the idea, but it’s actually harder to think about. It may be giving people the thought that their servers would be locked or something of that nature, but if they keep it appropriate, this would not happen. I respect your opinion, I personally just feel that you may be thinking of it in another way. I completely understand why actually, but the basic reason for super mods, would be for Milla and Dave to get a few extra eyes and hands. The problem with getting another super admin, Milla and Dave have to trust them much more, it could take years for them to trust a person responsible enough, not to mention finding the person. But finding someone for super admin, could still happen in the future, I can believe that. Finally, super mods wouldn’t get the choice of what servers they like and don’t like, it all depends on the rules of blockheads. If so those rules are broken, the super mods would take action, and if it isn’t them, Milla would take care of it. That’s all I can basically say, keep your opinion, I will respect your opinion of the idea. :wink:


Well it is her job. If she feels she can’t do it just by herself, I’m sure she’ll tell Dave, who will just hire another superadmin.

Well, yes actually, they can. I happen to know of a server which has “Adults Only 18+” (or something to that extent) in the server name. That server is not appropriate for children (has nude photos, swearing, etc.) but last I checked Milla allows it.

You say super admins will have to be trusted more than super mods. I say that is not so. Simply give them a salary and check they are 18+.

Despite all that, if blockheads had a large enough community I would still agree with you. However, it doesn’t. Milla can handle everything herself right now, and there is no need to worry about a super mod who acts nice but fabricates cloud-banning reasons.


If @milla is made aware of the world name and finds any evidence of things that are not appropriate for children then the world is locked to private meaning it can no longer be joined randomly. If you are aware of a world that contains adult material you should take a screenshot of the welcome page clearly showing the name of the world and the name of the owner and send it to Milla in a PM.



Cloud World: Adults-Only-Anew (Invitation Only)

Milla has posted in the forum thread, and I have personally been on the server and observed that it is indeed suitable for ages of 18+. It’s out of credit right now and a new world was made, but if you want to check it out and are the appropriate age you can always add 100 TCs of credit.


The worlds that the world thread belongs to - one is out of credit because it is no longer used, it was replaced by a new world that is now private although that is fairly recent. I see that there is a link to the world in the thread still, I will ask for it to be removed. It’s only within the last few months that @milla has been locking worlds that are reported as having inappropriate content. This is getting way off topic from the original post. If you are still unsure about how to report adult worlds or what it means to have them locked to private then we can continue by PM.


@Dragonrim, this is the last thing I’m going to say about this, but when you are about to create a server it clearly says “Public or searchable worlds, their welcome messages, and all content within must not contain objectionable material, or material not appropriate for children. As the world creator and owner, you are responsible for finding and immediately removing any such material.”. Servers with innapropiate content, and when reported, Milla will make them private. @MummyK is correct, the thread is very old, I looked at it and it was at least half a year ago made. @MummyK is also right about Milla making servers private for some time, she is responsible enough to make so many servers private when reported. This is not a bad thing, clearly blockheads was intended by the creator, Dave, and Milla, to be kid-friendly. Some servers have wrecked that, which is not ok. If any of this information is inncorrect, you should PM me about it, this thread was not intended to talk about this. But again, this is the last thing I’m going to say before leaving that topic alone.


Your information is out of date. Dave and I decided to be less tolerant of adult content. Worlds of this type must be private. We ensure this by locking them to private status.


Alright, thanks for letting me know!


A rank for Beta Testers and veterans? I should’ve thought of this earlier!