New server - Stranded (Now Open)


You wake up after a accident on a remote island and there’s little food or water around. So in order to survive you need to find shelter and food. Be on the look out for others because they might want your materials, so group up so if you want to last. Are you able to make it stranded on a island?
Owner- £survivors£
World size 4x
World type survival
The rules will be

  1. No dating,swearing, or sharing of personal informarion.
  2. Don’t be a bully.
  3. Hacking, duping or any other action similar isn’t allowed.
  4. No advertising other servers.
  5. If you dig or leave trash somewhere then go some where else you’ll get a warning.

I’m currently working on spawn and some other stuff if you want to help


An accident? What kind of accident?


Plane crash, a ship wreck, or maybe even a kidnapping… Jk.


You should work on the lore some more!


Once the server is open I’ll add more stuff to the description this is just a teaser wumbo.


What if i need dirts and stones even if i need flint and clay?


That’s fine I’m talking about if someone leaves a big ugly hole and doesn’t bother to try to do anything about it


Whatz the releasing date for the server


I’m going to try to have it up in a week I’m working on some stuff. Maybe sooner if I had help


Cool, i am just excited
Btw will u be allowed to use tp’s and portal chests?


I haven’t completely decided yet about it


That sounds fun. I’d like to help.


Ok just pm me about the time your on and I’ll give you the link


Would you guys like for there to be a store for selling the different types of tulips?

  • Yes to a tulip store
  • No to a tulip store

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sure looks interesting alright.


This aplication has some problems


Use this instead:


@Winter_nights can i enter 2 ign? Because im have 2 devices with different ign


I didn’t make the poll, but you may have to ask the owner.


Yes you can