New Server! Sugarflop 2.0 (Age of Creativity)


As the new year approaches so does a new server. Sugarflop 2.0 a custom server designed to allow players to explore, create and prosper. We have decided this time to go for a custom server to allow players to show their pixel art and building talents. As usual please keep referencing the OP of this thread as often our rules may adapt to what works for us and our community.

I am super exited to try a custom server, without portal chests and being able to control trade portals. I feel it will be an interesting journey. The server will not be open for a while as there are a few things I wish to be set up before we open. Don’t worry though we won’t do too much! I want to encourage people to come and build and be creative. It will be a freeform survival server. Only Spawn Island will have any sort of restrictions. The rest of the server is totally free to build however and wherever you wish.

Spawn Island

On spawn island players will be given only one 25/25 plot to build a home which will come with a mail box that is also connected to the spawn island electrical network. You may also only have one plot of land for a store on ground level. Space is only limited so that all players can have a home that is connected to others to help create that sense of community, that we love! Spawn Island will measure exactly 11TC each way from spawn portal.


Sugarflop 2.0 made:Friday 29th December 2018
World Size: 1x
Oceans: No Oceans
Temperature: Hot
Rainfall: Dry
Plants: More Plants
Trees: Sky Island Trees Only
Terrain: Totally Flat
Caves: More caves
Lakes: No Lakes
Ore Quantity: More Ore
Gems: No Gems
Treasure: Less Treasure
Health: Hard
Happiness: Happier
Clothing Decay: Faster
Tool Decay: Faster
Death: No Death
Death Drops: All Items
Max Blockheads: 3
Mob Difficulty: Passive
Trade Portals: Normal
Trade Portal ItemsL All Items Available

Spawn Items

Leather Jacket

  • Leather Pants
  • Leather Boots
  • Basket
  • Five Handcarts
  • One block of Dirt
  • 5 Titanium Pickaxes


  • No Hacking or Duping
  • Always be kind and positive
  • Please make sure all ground floor builds are accessible (no iron doors on ground levels)
  • No images of real people in your profile pictures
  • Please understand you are a guest on all servers and should staff have issue with your game conduct, are entitled to remove you from the server at any point.
  • Please do not ask staff for items they are not allowed to give players anything apart from protection signs.
  • Please do not place blue portals as it causes lag.
  • This is a ROP server

Server Trailer


I’ll join your server. Ill message random stuffs. Read the log​:joy::joy::joy:

Can you DM me the server password please??






Will I be banned in this one as well?


@williamjs unless you have been added to the ROP Blacklist you will not be banned on this server. But as with all server owners we have the right to ban at any point.

Everyone is welcome to have a fresh start here.It is up to you what you do with that fresh start.


I’d be interested in helping out :slight_smile:


Sounds interesting. I’ll be sure to check it out!


If you consider that you have been banned unfairly the proper procedure is to PM the owner.


I helped the server out i love too just waiting for server to be open


I doubt people will be able to build that much in a 25 blocks slot…
What if there’s no limit? (Except the spawn zone)
I mean, building anywhere, literally.
And then you protect it.


I’m pretty sure that’s how it is. The 25x25 is strictly for spawn island. Anything outside of that is free build.


Hey guys super exited only a couple of days in and the team have finished the world wide subway!! We have found 3 trolls all ready and all I need to do is finish spawn island! Then we can opennnn. As usual I am the slow one :raspberry:

@OBITOWANKENOBI you are totally right! I loved the aspect of sugarflop where people could be accesble to one another close to spawn. I was hoping 25/25 would give people enough space to have a base but also encourage people to go out and explore.


Spawn Island has a island wide electrical network (yay go green!) and each plot is clearly defined with gates and a address sign. Every fours homes will be mail boxes (as seen in the red brick structures.)Only the mail worker and the home owner will have access to these rooms. Spawn Island is designed for people to be able to have that sense of community should they choose it, but my main interest is to see what people create in this server.

Special thanks to @Trollhunter2.0 Jenny Cakes @SHADESTEP and @BUILDITME1for their work on the subway. Two days to complete it I think is a awesome accomplishment. I decided to have the subway a little smaller than usual as I wanted people to be able to easily leave it both from the bottom and top. At intervals under the subway will be holes we have dug so you can all access the vast quantities of ores and blocks!

Just from 20 minutes of cave exploring look how much was discovered! Including three trolls!

We are thinking for our first server challenge of the best underground town made will win the first ever troll found on the server “Wolf” …

  • I would be interested in this competition
  • I would not

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Update: We are currently leaning more towards the idea of a sell only trade portal setting for opening. Due to the redonkulous amount of resources I doubt anyone will really have any trouble gathering supplies.

But that being said I am currently weighing up as few potential ideas for pixel artists and big project builders…

  • Have stores at the poles where you can bulk buy building supplies?
  • Have whitelist nights for builders so we can go uninterrupted and have the trade portals on everything free?
  • Have a application for supplies needed and what they are needed for?
  • Just let people fend for themselves? If they wanna build enough they will find a way?

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Here for a little server history is the first gem tree found by @Trollhunter2.0

So just to reiterate as I did ramble abit there. Spawn island which will measure 11tc left and right of spawn will be the only part of the server with any sort of restrictions. The restrictions being the home plots (25/25) and after 4hours active game play a shop plot in which you can sell anything you wish. Unlike sugarflop there will be no application or screening process for a businesses.

Off of spawn island the only restrictions are your imagination. I want to see cities rise and fall and art talent shine.


excited for what this server has to offer!


Well, if it was like that I may explore a little bit and find any large and inhabited place, and build a tower there “;p
(I had an obsession with building big towers, so it could be nice to return into it, since the world is custom)


What if just let people craft there own things and make shops like that in a month or something there will bemultiple shops


Is there an expected day when the server will be open OwO


This seems like a cool server idea! Especially that Age of Creativity tagline :slight_smile:


I would like to suggest for tool decay to be at ‘no decay’ for those who like to use paint in their builds. :slight_smile:


Heya @GoodGradesBoy i like your suggestion ! We will need to see if that works with people who will want to sell things from businesses as it would make returning customers obsolete.

Also so far there will be about 160 plots of home area on spawn island do you guys think we should make more or should that be enough for now? I hate closing the server once it is open so would really prefer to prep everything before we open.

  • 160 Plots of land is enough
  • Add more plots of land
  • 160 Plots of land is too much!

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