New Server! Sugarflop 2.0 (Age of Creativity)


Is everyone immediately obtaining a plot? If you have to return 3-4 times (or need to have spent a certain amount of time on the server) untill you receive one I think it‘s enough :slightly_smiling_face: But if you‘d get one soon probably more people would stay but in that case I‘d create more plots :+1:t3:



Also I want to make a shark racing area underground for the server.

There will be small rooms to keep your tamed shark in. You can get a 120x121 plot to build a shark racing course. This may cost a few coins, depending on how I experience this server. Since you can’t cage/bucket big sharks, all rooms for tamed sharks have a waterway connection to any course in this shark racing area.

  • I would be interested in building a shark course.
  • I would be interested in racing here!
  • I would be interested in racing and building a shark course!
  • I am not interested in this build.

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GoodGradesBoy is not responsible for any deaths inside the shark racing area.

This has not been declared as the official shark racing area on the Sugerflop server. Though it should be when it is built.


Heya guys fingers crossed we should be open tomorrow or this evening yay!


Hype train!

Sugar Rush!!



Just in case, my IGN is Obito_synthesis1


Midterms are on tuesday, can’t wait to play once they are over :slight_smile:


Heya guys am looking for someone to assist with the sugarflop 2.0 welcome message. specifically a slideshow and a working video.

I am happy to pay for your services as this is a field I am completely inept in.
(Payment: 1 month server credit, negotiable)
Of course your work will be credited in the welcome

Please PM me at @sugarflop if you would be interested :raspberry:


we should be open in the next few hours yay! Cannot wait to see people on the server :joy:

Just checking over a few things and then it should be the green light


Making public nowwww


I sent you a PM about the welcome message, but you didn’t read it.


Uh, it doesn’t appear…
Is there anything wrong?..


I think I built the first house on the server.

And is there a Discord server to join? I saw a link on the day this thread was posted but then it was removed.

@OBITOWANKENOBI here’s a join link.



We can’t PM you if you disabled messages.


You sure about that?


Welp I like it, I’ll return later, specially because I’m really lagging.


Awesome job @GoodGradesBoy
Opened a little store in the mines :slight_smile:

Come check it out just found a little vein of titanium.

So far have found dodo feathers and coffee cherries sell well in the trade portal yay!


Yes, I am.


thanks i will try and remedy that now :smiley:


Off quick off topic.
I know alot of people who are joining played on Suagrflop 1. I just wanted to clarify real quick to everyone. Anyone can open a store selling anything they wish. There will be no process or application. Simple start selling. (not at all like S1)

On spawn island we ask for all stores to be on ground floor so people do not need to wander around levels. Also to be considerate with the space you need for your store. I personally would recommend go small and we can extend lower into the mines if you need but as you know it would be preferable for everyone to be able to have a store.

But outside of spawn island go wild.

Its been a lot of fun watching people move in the last couple of days and seeing people get to know one another. Players allready are enjoying sending each other mail and working together to gather simple supplies. I look forward to seeing what people will produce for the underground town/city challenge.


Thank goodness there is no more application, the old process was rather tedious