New Server! Sugarflop 2.0 (Age of Creativity)


and you didn’t even have to read half of them :joy::what:


Heya guys I am going to put the server on whitelist for the underground town challengers to have some time to build. With the trade portals on everything free.
Of course I am expecting people to not abuse this for normal game time. Please only purchase for your underground town.
Feel free to contact me with your IGN so I can add you to the whitelist :what:

After some discussion it has been decided that the trade portals are now changed to normal settings :smiley:


Bet no one can guess what my underground town/city challenge theme is :joy:


Lets see thats a hard one (JK) , hmmm Hello Kitty


Please whitelist, My IGN is GoodGradesBoy


Hey uh, @Sugarflop , can you please protect the big steel building model to the right?
It would be good if you didn’t take that long, since somebody might grief it for money…


Sugarflop could you place a protection sign for my friend koto2856 could stay with me?


@Lava_ninja_2048 @OBITOWANKENOBI sure thing guys doing it now :smiley:


So, do you like it?


Good luck with the server! @Sugarflop


(also @sugarflop i sent you a pm in the welcome message pm about ownership sign placement)

Tired of waiting 2 minutes to craft a single shop? Well then buy from GGB’s shop today! I sell shops for for 1 gold coin and 50 copper coins. A location from spawn is shown on the photo below.

By buying here, you are helping me fund the shark racing hub/minigame area.

Stocks may not be available. Prices may fluctuate due to demands.


Hey uh, I found a diamond tree.
Could it please be protected?
It is close to the east equator, and the south pole.
(Between them)

Could @GoodGradesBoy ‘s terrain for the shark race be protected too?


Submitting my unfinished town in an attempt to somehow win before the deadline of the underground town competition.


Well, it looks promising.
Why not changing the date, until Sugar can connect again?

Also, the next theme should be Sky City.
I spent a lot of time building a new Obitower (which killed my economy raised by titanium dodos).
And it would be cool if I could make buildings around it lol.