New server: survival


Heya EmmaTheTroll here and I have a new server to shake things up! Survival is a 4x Vanilla PVP server. The server is very free you can build and live as you like. Wanna grief and steal from the weak? Want to protect and help the innocent? The choice is yours. The server is designed so you have to struggle when you first join, every friendship can quickly turn into a heartbreaking betrayal. Every build can turn into a midnight raid. Come join us for a little bit of fun!

I have hidden a little treat on Spawn Island in honour of the server opening:

Brief history so far: This server is actually 3+ years old but was only opened as a multiplayer server on the 10th March 2019. So far I have flattened the land and added compost and bridges. The land is specifically protected so you can build on top and underground, with accessible mine entrance points.


Player Rules:
-no hacked duped items allowed
-always make sure your conduct is PG appropriate
-no advertising please it is rude
-you can kill each player but only once a day
-do not attack staff either verbally or physically we are here to help
-please do not ask to become staff

Build Rules:


-you can build anywhere that is not protected
-if you would like a golden protection sign you need to provide the three gold ingots and wooden sign to a admin
-for lag reasons please do not leave portals out when you are offline
-please say “newbie” if you have read the rules
-please ensure all ground floors of builds are accessible

(Survival by EMMATHETROLL)


Can i suggest u for a rule?


Join link?


Eek! That’s harsh…


Emma’s Not-Extremely-Secret-Since-You-Posted-It-On-The-Forums Pop Up Shop!

(I don’t mean to offend you.)

please don’t shoot me


Can i have the link and also is it a mac server or a cloud


Just being curious, why are ppl asking for the link? I could easily find the server by entering the server name and looking for the correct owner




@BUILDITME1 what would you suggest? :blush: Also this is a cloud server
@WumboJumbo I know mwahahha
@INeedPie Secret= as it is in a secret location as seen in the image it is located secretly underground. Don’t worry not at all offended.
Ronnie thank you I also thought so but for convenience sake…


What about u dont allow portal chest and trade portal


For me I think it defeats the point of a vanilla world anti portal chests and trade portals I don’t want to limit people too much.


id like to join whats the server name


It’s in the title. :joy: