New server: THE LAST CLAN

:crossed_swords:WELCOME TO THE LAST CLAN :crossed_swords:
Like all great warriors of old the rise to power is often a lonely and dark path. The land is full of treachery so create or join a clan to find protection and purpose. Become the strongest clan to progress in this harsh wold. Your starter is your basket and spade, be clever use free resources such as farms and underground mines.

This is a family friendly server and language, images,names need to adhere to this rule.
No personal information such as name, location, age, or images of yourself
No use of super shops, duped items or hacked and unknown items
No hacking or duping (Instant Ban)
You may kill one another
You may grief and steal from unprotected areas
Do not assist others with getting a portal chest you must craft and find a golden chest on your own. Do not ask others for such items.
Trade portals must be locked away for private use.
Blue portals are banned due to lag.
Do not attack staff either verbally or physically. Do not ask to become staff.
Staff (including the owner) are not allowed to give players any items.
Please do not advertise. I do not do it to you and it is rude.
Admin may not own or be part of a clan as it has too many advantages.

Server created in May 2016 by EmmaTheTroll the server is survival vanilla server. 4X with PVP enabled.

Please feel free to join the discord:


Join link?

Eek! That’s harsh…

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Emma’s Not-Extremely-Secret-Since-You-Posted-It-On-The-Forums Pop Up Shop!

(I don’t mean to offend you.)

please don’t shoot me

Just being curious, why are ppl asking for the link? I could easily find the server by entering the server name and looking for the correct owner


id like to join whats the server name

It’s in the title. :joy:

hey @EmmaTheTroll i joined the world maybe about 2 weeks ago i love the server but i changed phones so i tried joining and waiting for u to get on to give me access to my house again but now theres a password and i cant join

Heya guys the server has been put on password as I ever so slowly develop it. It is going to stay survival but I am thinking of adding a stronger clan aspect to it. Does anyone have any suggestions for names? Will keep updating with photo progress. Thanks for your patience.

Nice! Did you draw the picture for the server yourself?