New Soundtracks


  1. Epic electronic music plays when you get into space, and the higher up you go, the faster and louder it gets.
  2. Sad and emotional music plays when you use a character that’s far away from your other character(s).
  3. Mysterious music plays when you’re near a portal or gem tree, the higher the level, and louder the music. Also plays when you’re near a regenerating blockhead.
  4. Epic orchestra music plays when you attack a cave troll or a shark that’s at least 3.5 blocks long.
  5. A choir of voices play when you pick up a pole item, or when you craft a jet pack. Equator items have female voices, and pole items have male voices. The jet pack has children’s voices.
  6. Intense rock music plays when you’re near the core, and gets louder and faster the lower you go.
  7. Calm and beautiful music plays when you use a character that’s in a forest of fruit trees.
  8. Adventurous music plays when your character is in a pine forest or a maple forest.
  9. Hopeless music plays when your character is drowning.
  10. Fast EDM music plays when you’re character drinks coffee.
  11. Adventurous music (different than the forest theme) plays when your character goes at max speed on a rail handcart.
  12. Pirate music plays every so often when your sailing.

Oceans: bubble noises, splashing, dolphin calls, and mysterious sonar noises.
Deserts: scorpion mating calls, wind noises, crashing rocks, evaporating water, and odd rasping noises.
Forests: birds songs, rodents chittering, moving foliage, and tribal drums.
Underground: crashing rocks, cracking earth, bubbling lava, metal crashing, geysers hissing, cave troll mating calls, and a deep and powerful roar.

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Would these soundtracks replace the current ones?

I don’t know how I feel about EDM…it might give me a nasty shock when I’m not expecting it.

But there’s nothing I love more than the idea of walking past a regenerating Blockhead corpse and hearing sad music–that would be hilarious. More so, if it’s at the moment when the BH is done regenerating and it just vanishes two seconds after the music starts.
I want that.


Space is a really boring but peaceful space. It would be fitting if it would be a nice slow and calm music.

I don’t think the jet pack would be fitting, let alone a child’s voice. Maybe triumphant music when you get a pole item?

Might work.


EDM ain’t possible because the composers aren’t dead for 50 years yet unless Dave would like to spend money on a license lol


All this would need to be on a free licence.

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Sometimes devs hire artists to make entire soundtracks for their game. Dave could do that. But it’s probably too expensive and not worth it.

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Yeah, that’s usually what big companies with sufficient budget do