New staff and new commands and new purchases

I was thinking is there ever going to be an update that will add new staff for like co owner head mod head admin and like a server guardian for example a server guardian is like an owner but with more power take @milla like a server guardian or like lets say u make a server and it has an option (choose server guardian options
also new commands like temp ban
or co owner
/co own-brotherdied
and head mod
/head mod-brotherlied
or give away ownership
witch should work like this
and after that a pop up should come on ur screen and say
“ARE YOU SURE?!?!?! ONCE GIVEN IT CANT BE REVERSED UNLESS MYMOTHER GIVES IT BACK” And as options it should say proceed or cancel
temp ban
a temp ban can be no longer then 3 days
/temp break protected blocks-iamdied
New purchases
50 days of credit=10$
inventory expansion=10.50$
i hope these will be brought into the
1.8 update have a nice day
Also milla i like ur pfp​:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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What are you trying to say?

New staff and new commands @WumboJumbo

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tempban is available in the message bot, temporary ownership isn’t possible due to the fact only blockheads team members can change ownership of worlds at all, co ownership is not an official available role and more or less would be like ownership, so it still won’t be available to non-team members, and the extra in app purchases won’t make much of a difference due to the lack of things being purchased to begin with, suppose the other stuff is alright

Alright @courageous.spinal

Admins are meant to be co owners

they type they’re referring to are what a lot of owners call ‘co-owners’ in the sense they have admin but have the same authority over the server, often they give them their owner portal (which shouldn’t happen) and basically act as the same level of authority as well

i don’t know how admins can technically be considered co-owners due to the massive amount some servers have, imagine a server with one owner and 20 co-owners, would be pretty weird, right?

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I mean there can be only onr co owner if u want nore u have to buy an (staff bundle witv should cost 9$

what? what is the purpose of all of this? sounds very nonsensical


i do have to assess a similar thing for me, it’s not just that some of it is non-sensical but it’s also because i don’t entirely understand the english in it

it may be me, and it’s not meant to be a criticism, as commenting on someone’s language isn’t okay, but i do admit i’m not entirely processing everything i see


Its ok my english is kinda bad everyone has its own opinion

Also too much tc just buy more at once

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U have a point when it comes to tc

50 days of credit is overpriced too
30 days is 3.99 Canadian dollars
Each day is about 13 cents
So the correct price should be $6.50

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most servers dies before the credit runs out :laughing: :laughing: unless you’re a goated owner

Oh ok

Try being a bit more courteous, please. Your post is rude. If you are confused about what the suggestion is then ask for clarification, rather than calling it nonsensical.

i was just calling it out how it is, no sugarcoating but i will definitely try to be more polite next time :slight_smile:

They should add one year

considering the game is at its old age i’m not sure that’d be the best use of your money, but if you’re a millionaire sure, why not?