New Starter Placement

So my Starter Placement wasn’t working in my world. I decided to demolish it and create a new one. I created a giant elevator going up into the sky, where there weren’t any protection signs to ruin the placement. But then I ran into a huge building, so I created an area in between the elevator leading to the ground, and in between the elevator leading to the placement. And instead of one diamond pavilion, I created two. The pavilions look exactly the same as the original Starter Placement, except the original was on the ground. Does anyone have any opinions? How can I make this better?

And yes, I do have a dodo problem.

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What’s the bug/glitch?

There are none, I just want opinions. I created an alternate account to test it, and it was fine. It was the placement I demolished that had a problem. People couldn’t place their starters and I don’t know why, but I don’t need to know anymore.

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Hmm it looks kinda protected by the protection sign

I thought the same thing, but maybe she has each sign down to the minimum width and height which I think is 3 x 3. If so, that would allow placement right on the surface of the glass floor.

I actually think it looks very nice.

Yes, I have them all perfectly set to the right height and width. Thank you for the feedback!