New Update Ideas?

This probably isn’t gonna be seen, but put your BH update ideas here. I’ll go first.

Maybe, add a slight curvature (more or less, depending on the size of the world) to make the world round?

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Would that cause complications at the North Pole?

What do you mean?

All I’m saying is that there is a graphic effect that makes it so it LOOKS curved, sort of like how shaders work in Minecraft.

New Idea: An account system.

You can use the same account name on another device this way.

How would that work? I don’t think that would fit in terms of design.

There sort of already is an account system if we factor in Game Center and support IDs.

Curve: You’re right, bad idea.

Can you use the same account (with the same worlds) an another device?

Yes you can

When you install the game on 2 devices, you are given 2 accounts. You can contact milla with both support ids to merge them and use the same name and data on the cloud.

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I believe your progress is connected VIA iCloud or Game Center.

Yes, if you are on the same iCloud ID you can use the same name and data as well.

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How about single player worlds?

Single player worlds can only be transferred by backing up the entire phone or jailbreak after iOS 9.4.

Oh sweet

You can make a thread for your own ideas, but asking for those of others is coopting the whole point of the Suggestions forum, and anyone else’s will be removed to separate threads.

@Wingysam: So long as both devices have the same Apple ID they were will have the same support ID, which is the cloud platform user ID. Single player data is not shared between devices, but cloud world data is.

Edit: Note that single player data is all your single player worlds and associated assets, your time crystals, and your portal chest contents.

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