New update suggestions for Dave to code to 1.8

do any of you have new suggestions for 1.8?

I’m not entirely sure what you were reading, but 1.7 came out over 3 years ago and Dave (The sole developer of the Blockheads) has since stopped working on the game in favor of creating his new game Sapiens.

Dave made that post in January 2018, you must have gotten got by the discourse dating system.

The way discourse post dating works is that “Jan ‘18” means January 2018 whereas “Jan 18” means January 18th. Unfortunately the thing that differentiates the two is the comma, so it can be confusing at times.

But yeah 1.7 has been out for over 3 years and Dave is no longer working on the Blockheads anymore, so 1.8 won’t ever happen sadly.


maybe it 1.8 will come out, it’s just going to be bug fixes

Please don’t deter people from posting like this.

It would probably be 1.7.5 then. :slight_smile:



lol ha

thanks, i will edit that

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lol :stuck_out_tongue: