New users bumping ancient topics

Recently, I’ve been noticing more and more threads being bumped by new users.
In my opinion, there should be a system in place, to prevent new users from posting in threads that have been inactive in a while, such as 1 month. The bumping of old, outdated threads is irritating, and most likely if the bump is in a server thread, the server is likely to be shut down.
There needs to be something in place to teach the new users proper bhforum etiquette.



I’ve seen exactly two threads bumped in the past month. For a forum that gets <200 total posts (counting off topic) per week, spending the time to set up more automated moderation is a waste of time.

Server threads in particular are explicitly allowed to be bumped. Only one thread per world is allowed, so where else would the query if the world is still open go? Now, if someone was replying to a bunch of threads like that, sure, that’s spammy, but that’s a single user problem… one thread here or there? Meh.

The forum already warns you about replying to an old thread. I dismiss that warning basically every time I reply to the Message Bot thread with an update since I don’t work on it much anymore.


Would an automated moderation system be considered for Sapiens?

Just report them.

@WumboJumbo: Not if I have any say in it. I don’t like automated moderation. I have enough trouble with the in-build anti-flooding systems silencing users as it is.

In my opinion the bumping rule should just be ablosiled. There is nothing wrong with reviving a “dead thread”. It’s embracing it and it brings out the history! :slight_smile:

From now on bumping must be accepted rather than 12 forumers jump in in and saying “Oh LOOK AT YOU!! You bumped! What a horrible thing you just did that is AGAINST THE RULES! Booboogaga

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In my opinion, when someone bumps a server thread,

“hey, cool server, can i join?”

however, the server is dead.

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Not necessarily, if they have just joined the forums, (As you said - NEW USERS) then they probably don’t know yet that the server is dead/out of credit because they were not there when it WAS, so they don’t know that it has already died. So maybe, instead of getting slightly mad at them and telling them to delete it and so on, you could just explain to them that the server is dead and that they need to be more carefull when and where they post.

The really old threads often contain information that is no longer pertinent, but they may be bumped if the new post contributes to them in a meaningful way, that isn’t anachronous.

Bumping to answer a four year old question is pointless.
Bumping to contribute information that was not relevant at the time of the thread is pointless.
Bumping to ask a question is pointless.
Bumping to contribute nothing new is pointless.
Most of the time a new thread is a better option.

World threads may be bumped by people wanting to find out if a world is still active, or by world owners.


We should wait 3 months and then bump this thread